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Karina Jelinek

Where You’ve Seen Her: Karina Jelinek is a model who manages to look completely nude even when she’s covering her body half the time.  Starting at a young age, Karina fell into the usual path of getting discovered by some dude when she was a teen and quickly made her way to the top of the South American modeling world.
Pointless Quote: "I’m right where I need to be."


14 Responses to "Karina Jelinek"

  1. REEXOR says:


  2. 56 3/4 tugboat says:

    well … picture’s right there. fap away.

  3. i smell like ass says:

    damn pasties

  4. noahaction says:

    bravo HT, bravo.

  5. Dan says:

    She’s the most retarded person in the whole world.

    Down here in Argentina, people mock and make fun of her all the time.

    As stupid as it gets!

  6. Mr Irony says:

    Damn, there goes my hard on, I wanted to solve equations with her…

  7. We like th funk says:

    In the pick it looks like she has a massive boner.

  8. We like th funk says:

    she looks like she has a massive boner

  9. it's a grill it's a cooler it's the grooler says:

    I suggest you rub one out before the first time you see a vagina. Wouldn’t want your pop gun going off too fast.

  10. shartfelch says:

    she’s not where she needs to be unless my cock’s up her ass and then in her mouth and I glaze her like a donut.

  11. thanxx says:

    hohoho sexyyyy babyy

  12. george cattiest says:

    i’d like to spray my jelly on her neck.

  13. dangitbobby says:

    pearl necklace ftw!

  14. Rich White says:

    Girls who wear legwarmers or high opaque socks usually have huge trackmarks and other scars and deformities all over the place. Similar for girls who won’t take off their socks. Beware. That is unless you like an extra toe or two.+