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Kate Beckinsale Dances In Her Underwear

I love how celebrities will pretty much do anything, no matter how stupid it is, as long as you tell them what they’re doing is an homage to something a French person did. Is it just me, or is it a little creepy when Kate Beckinsale poses in this. Someone needs to teach her how to do that. It reminds me of the dance little kids do when they celebrate the first shit they took in a toilet. Still though, she’s really hot and I thank who ever B.S.’ed her into doing this.

13 Responses to "Kate Beckinsale Dances In Her Underwear"

  1. Anonymous says:

    that isn’t kate beckinsale. i think it’s jane birkin.

  2. haze says:

    yikes. you know you’re a bad dancer when they only show your face during your “dance” video.

  3. Lee Ann says:

    I thought it was very cool! Part of the video is Kate, and then it flashes back to yhe original. Kates hair is quite a bit longer, also her shirt is a slightly different color.

  4. Alex Bart says:

    WOW… nice baby :)
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  5. Blake Williams says:

    come on dude. this is terrible

  6. AlcoLOL says:

    Never got to see her “Spectacular” vagina. Rip off.

  7. Velvet Goddess says:

    This should be added to list below

  8. Steve says:

    This vid BLOWS, what the fuck yo, you usually post good shit but this aint that.

  9. Matt says:

    To be honest I had hoped “Kate Beckinsale Dances In Her Underwear implied she was only wearing her underwear, not basically dressed. It was a rather disappointing video when you are expecting her to be prancing around in just a bra and panties.

  10. justin says:

    I can admit when I’m wrong. Looking back at this, this post sucked. I got caught up in how stupid the idea of this video was, and forgot just how fucking boring it was as well. Then I wrote some half-assed commentary with it. It was like the perfect storm of suck. Lesson learned, people.

  11. Anonymous says:

    i usually appreciate the commentary provided by ‘holy taco’.but this video was actually tasteful but cheesey.artful in the french camera angles of “did anyone notice the teeth shot-looks like she smokes 3 packs a day?” but next time-less shirt,more undies.nice socks. she’s yummy.

  12. Anonymous says:

    She’s so hot it should be illegal. But, yeah, that vid sucked.