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Kate Beckinsale Loves Her Bits

Sometimes you just love your genitals so much you have to tell Allure magazine about it. According to egotastic.com:

Speaking to Allure magazine, Kate Beckinsale reveals: “I’ve only ever had about three boyfriends. Only a handful of people have seen into the Pharaoh’s Tomb!”

Kate sinks to lower depths when asked about her best feature. She gushes: “My best feature is unfortunately a private matter, although I’m told it is spectacular. But you can’t really walk it down the red carpet. What can I say?”

After a giggling fit, Kate then enlighten the interviewer, by silently mouthing the magical words: “My twat.”

I don’t think anyone would mind if Kate really wanted to walk her vagina down the red carpet. In fact, I would guaran-damn-tee that the Oscar ratings would be much, much, much, much higher than they were this year. C’mon Beckinsale, take one for the team.


8 Responses to "Kate Beckinsale Loves Her Bits"

  1. NUDE_FRIDAYS says:

    There is nothing hotter than a hot celeb talking opening about her cooter. Spectacular!

  2. Matty D says:

    Uhm wow. I thought she was super attractive before but now she is so much more! I think I’m going to need a moment…. and some kleenex…..

  3. I’d beat a pillowcase full of kittens against a tree for the opportunity to assess Ms. Beckinsale’s “twat” for myself.

  4. Mr. B says:

    That reporter had to have immediately popped a boner at the end of that interview. I halfway did, and I wasn’t even there.

  5. JW says:

    So, its her best feature according to those 3 guys?

  6. I’d stab a nun, perhaps, for a chance to pee in her butt!!!… I’ve had a, lets be safe and call it what it is – “DISTURBING”, fascination with this broad. For a longer period of time than the restraining order she’s had on me, for some time now.

    Seriously… Whenever I see her, it’s as if all the oxygen has been siphoned outta the room!

    Truly stunning!

  7. Chaosman says:

    as if the 6 billion other reasons I want to defile her aren’t enuff…..she gives me another. Love that chick.

  8. Whammo says:

    I’ll tell you what’s hot. What’s hot is a chick that washes my skid-marked FTL’s during the day, and gobbles my goo at night.
    Otherwise, I got no use for her.