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Kate Middleton Photos: 5 Pics of the Future Queen’s Royally Bad British Teeth


This Kate Middleton photo is clearly a photoshopped image. In fact, every Kate Middleton photo we’ve seen since the royal engagement was announced has been altered. How do I know that these images are doctored? Well, the proof is in the pudding, or should I say the lack of visible kidney pudding stains on Middleton’s teeth. Pic after pic shows Prince William and his future bride smiling brightly for all the world to see. Where are the real pics, the ones that show the damage caused by years of socialized dental care? We’ve got them, and they may ruin the wedding.

A source deep inside Buckingham Palace was able to smuggle us these unaltered pics. The images aren’t pretty, so brace yourself for 5 unaltered pictures of Kate Middleton.


Don’t blame it on coffee. Years of tea and Newcastle Brown Ale have taken their toll on Kate Middleton’s teeth.


Kate Middleton’s visible overbite is tragic, but treatable. Sort of like Sarah Ferguson’s crabs.


Oh, bloody hell! Kate Middleton’s mouth looks like Benny Hill’s toilet after a night of drinking.


Comparing Kate Middleton to Austin Powers seems too easy. But since we’re already making British dental jokes, why the hell not?


Finally, Kate Middleton and Prince William’s real engagement photo. Her look is considered “Amy Winehouse chic.”

11 Responses to "Kate Middleton Photos: 5 Pics of the Future Queen’s Royally Bad British Teeth"

  1. Dr G says:

    First!! But seriously……England, where one tooth is one to many.

  2. elwoodontario says:

    Whoo hoo! Someone learned how to photoshop!

  3. RonPonder says:

    WHy would you do that?

    Kate Middleton is hot. This isnt what I expect from this site.

  4. Ispeakamerican says:

    Here is what I am hearing from you, ronponder:
    Bitch, bitch, bitch, moan, teeth, I’m brittish.
    That having been said, I concur with your initial statement that Kate middleton is hot as hell. And the pics are in bad taste. Bel air

  5. neoisaac says:

    firstly that gross, secondly her families worth a lot of money so she would have gone private and thirdly as a Brit i find the fact that your taking the piss out of us in your own way a bit disrespectful as if it wasn’t for us the country know as America wouldn’t exist.

  6. BonaFide says:

    She’s lukewarm at best, I wouldn’t say hot.

  7. OXO Cube says:

    All Americans have teeth like these behind their plastic ones

  8. ivan says:

    this is so dumb, why even bother?
    no editor on the site or what?

  9. I really relish Middletons teeth – she looks so gorgeous