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Katharine McPhee Gets McMarried. Is McStupid.

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Katharine McPhee married her 42-year-old boyfriend Nick Something Or Other last Saturday:

“(Nick) is the love of my life,” McPhee gushed to PEOPLE. “This is a once in a lifetime occasion and everything is just perfect.”
McPhee wore a strapless ivory Manuel Mota gown and Neil Lane jewels (diamond and platinum chandelier earrings and diamond and platinum bracelets), while Cokas wore an Armani tuxedo. Fellow season five Idol contestants Kellie Pickler and Mandisa were among the 305 guests on hand for the nuptials.

I don’t want to rain on her love parade, but when a 23-year-old marries a 42-year-old, it usually doesn’t end in storybook fashion. In fact, if it doesn’t end in divorce…it ends in a funeral.

7 Responses to "Katharine McPhee Gets McMarried. Is McStupid."

  1. Verener says:

    Congratulations to Katharine and Nick. May they enjoy many years of happiness.
    And people like you should be taken out back of the barn and whacked a half dozen times with a two-by-four.

  2. josh says:

    Verener is dumb and is obviously a woman.

  3. Billy Bunghole says:

    looks like Verener here is 45 and still hoping one day he will meet the 19 yr old of her dreams .. Verener my man its time to pull that trigger

  4. pattispage says:

    My predictions on Katharine are this:

    First I predicted that RCA would drop her.2. I predict this wedding will ruin her sexy image and probably lose her sexy hair contract and further drop her off the celebrity charts.3. Probably by March you will get the news she is pregnant.4. As her money runs out you will probably see her bare it all.My advice to all of you is to find a new Idol to support as AI7 looks very interesting.Katharine had her chance and she blew it.In time the fans of mcphee will learn that she is washed up. Hollywood has her report card from RCA, that she does not work well with directors.Her nerdy husband is a failure. It’s a perfect match

  5. keefir1 says:

    Well,Patricia…..guess you must know personally about failures,nerds and being washed up!Where were your nude photos published…National Geographic or Mechanics Illustrated?
    Kat is so on the celebrity charts….#1 in the top 5 most read People Stories;#5 in the People Celebirty Hot List.Kat’s wedding was covered by ALL the entertainment news programs last night and Pat O’Brien referred to Kat as a “SUPERSTAR”!
    Give it up with your self-righteous warped predictions and get some much needed professional help!

  6. quarrygirl says:

    i am 23, and my husband is a 42 year old named nick…so STFU!!!!!

  7. nick says:

    QG: your husband is 41, NOT 42. Makes a huge difference in the age delta.