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Katherine Heigl Thinks Trash Is For Ground

Many, many times I’ve discussed how much I dislike Katherine Heigl. I definitely hate a lot of things. I think if Katherine Heigl quarterbacked the New England Patriots to a come from behind Superbowl victory spawned by an inspirational half time speech to the team made by John Mayer, my head might explode. Anyway, it brings me small amounts of joy to read about her getting yelled at. I guess you tend to hate more stuff when you’re bald at 27. ICYDK.com reports:

After lunching with her mom at P.F. Chang’s in Santa Monica recently, the actress had to sweet-talk her way out of a ticket for tossing her cigarette on the ground right in front of a policeman on a bike.

“The officer told Katherine to pick up the butt and throw it away in the trash, 10 feet away, the source says. “He added that he’d fine her next time he catches her tossing trash on the sidewalk.

I wish he had said “Pick up that cigarette. And let me add, the next time you make a medical drama that combines melodramatic romantic plot lines with Patrick Dempsey, and put it on prime time, I’ll be writing you up.”

I just want to go on record by saying Katherine Heigl is way more than just a litterer. I have proof.

Although I must say, it’s pretty impressive she can hold a smoke in her mouth while she clubs a baby seal.

3 Responses to "Katherine Heigl Thinks Trash Is For Ground"

  1. Newt says:

    Bald at 27? Try having the girl sitting behind you in your high school senior psychology point out your bald spot.

  2. Your bros uh, if your going to spam sites, at least do it better

  3. canadian crippler says:

    clubbing baby seals is “canadian cow tipping”