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Katrina Darrell Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Last year, Katrina Darrell stunned American Idol coming to her audition in a bikini as a hot airheaded bitch.  Though she got pretty far in Idol she didn’t make it all the way, and now she’s doing what a girl who shows up to American Idol in a bikini does a year later: Poses for Playboy!  It’s not official, but most likely true.  We all can’t wait.
Pointless Quote: "I figured, well, at least I’ll have a tan."


10 Responses to "Katrina Darrell Pictures"

  1. Katrina Derrell's Dad says:

    Trust me guys: hot dog down a hall way at this point. She’s lived me her entire life…

  2. Steve says:

    I thought she was incredible until I saw the picture of the day. Now I’m totally over there.

  3. Anonymousy says:

    I’ve had about 5 one nighters in Jersey Shore that looked exactly like her. Their faces blur in my mind.

  4. pratik says:

    Did you get the STD’s a la carte or with a side of Valtrex?

  5. Walrus Pimp Of The Sea says:

    He probably just got a bad case of the lip crispies.

  6. cough/cool says:


  7. Ryan Seacrest says:

    I would’ve kissed her back, but I’d just eaten a cheeseburger with onions.

    Plus, I’m a flaming homosexual.

  8. Perez Hilton's inner child (still gay) says:

    It’s ok Ryan. No one expected you to kiss her back. Plus we all knew you were a total fag anyway.

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  10. JustinTime says:

    Her body compensates for her weird face.
    Then again who cares if she takes some to the face.