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Kenneth Cole and Twitter: A History of Insensitive Tweets

Kenneth Coal Tweet

In response to the revolutionary riots in Egypt, fashion designer Kenneth Cole thought it wise to perform a little corporate synergy, using violent riots as a backdrop to promote his clothing line via Twitter. Mere moments after the Tweet was posted people were up in arms, claiming it showed a complete lack of sensitivity towards the situation. The tweet has since been removed, but we have obtained a picture of the tweet, which is above.

The least shocking outcome of this might be how un-shocking this is, considering how insensitive some of @KennethCole’s tweets may be. After digging through his tweet history, I have uncovered some rather shocking tweets that show off Kenneth Cole’s insistence on using serious or tragic events to promote his clothing line.

Kenneth Cole WTC


Nazi Cole

Kenneth Cole New Orleans

31 Responses to "Kenneth Cole and Twitter: A History of Insensitive Tweets"

  1. Naughty Professor says:


  2. DonkeyXote says:

    Oh Lordi,NO! Anything but jokes about intolerant Muslims and their failed democracies.

    Herecy! An e-fatwah must immediately be issued out to all these infidels!

    • Fed up with your stupidity donkeyrapist says:

      donkeyhote do you actually know anything?

      in egypt its a failed “dictatorship” you fucking idiot, not a democracy, thats why people are rioting,they want freedom, but then again dumb shit like you dont know the difference between an autocracy and a democracy

      and i dont care about muslims or any other group but i do care about world events because it impacts everyone and being insensitive to world events is bad for business and diplomacy,

      but hey feel free to be a fucking ignorant shitcunt, cause you know thats what america needs at the moment, offending more people and being an ass

  3. frerp says:

    “won’t holocaust you very much”

    5.9 million people died to bring you that joke. Worth it?

    • Fed up with your stupidity donkeyrapist says:

      freedom of speech baby, jews,muslims,christians,buddhists,scientologists etc, it shouldnt matter, as long as no one is inciting violence

      but then again its ok to rag on muslims and christians but not jews, even though the jews accepted 85 billion dollar compensation from germany

    • Ian Fortey says:

      Congrats. Unfortunately we’re all out of “you got the joke” ribbons, so you can’t have one.

      • WHYTACOWHYYY says:

        i know this is funny beacuse you didnt write it. my cat did while it was dragging its ass on a picture of your god forbidden face

  4. Jeff says:

    You should have done your homework Holy Taco. Most of those are imposter tweets from someone who was offended by his tweet.

  5. darksatr says:

    FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Avitable says:

    Bravo – definitely made me laugh.