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Kevin Federline Line Is Year Older, Stupider

Vegas has some of the best magicians in the world.  Some make tigers disappear.  Some make people levitate.  And some perform the greatest trick of all, finding a way to become millionaires without any talent, skills, or education.

People.com reports:

Kevin Federline will take a break from parenting on March 21st to celebrate his birthday.

Just like at his 29th birthday, Federline will celebrate at Caesar’s Palace’s Pure nightclub.  Last year, his parents and even ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson attended the bash at the club.

Oooh his parents came!  Nice!  Does anyone else think this smells like one of those birthday parties in elementary school where the fat stinky kid in school invited the whole class to his birthday and no one showed up except the kids whose parents forced them to go?  Me too.  Now I feel bad because I was that kid for a couple years (thyroid problem, no excuse for the stinky).  The way I dealt with getting people to come to my parties was simple: Bouncy room.  Maybe that would work for him.

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