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Keyboard Cat Is The New Keyboard Cat

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9 Responses to "Keyboard Cat Is The New Keyboard Cat"

  1. Ham says:


  2. flatbushs own says:

    SPAZZ OUT ALL DAY twitter.com/cezzagetjuris follow me yall!! ill follow back

  3. Ben Affleck says:

    Yeah, that’s guaranteed to work. Before spamming a site like this, consider that the only people on HT are huge dorks that have nothing better to do with their lives besides look at random BS and make unfunny comments all day long…
    In other words, the computer literate.

    Spamming is for gay wads. Go suck a cock. Film it. Then post it online. Then give the link. We’ll watch. At least I will.

    (like I really think this guy’s looking back on this post)

  4. Ann T Christ says:

    Someone’s in touch with their inner self…

  5. Julio says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  6. Ben Affleck says:

    Thank god for complete pieces of shit like this or the internet might be in threat of being useful and interesting.

  7. Jim Woods says:

    Wow, clearly the next new Inernet MeMe


  8. Bucket Headed Monkey says:

    Leagues better than the original.

  9. Dr. Toona says:

    I’ve never laughed so damn hard. had to post this on my site.