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Keyra Augustina’s Ass

Age: 22 Where you’ve seen her ass: Keyra Augustina’s ass has been a favorite web destination for a few years. Her ass has also been in Maxim and on the Howard Stern Show. And, a little known fact is that scientists have discovered that pi (Π), the string of never ending numbers representing the ratio of any circle’s circumference, actually does come to an end when you show it a picture of this ass. Pointless quote that makes me very thankful for poor translators: "Perhaps many girls wanted to be in my perfect ass place but, the truth, I did not have plan for all this ass, was itself me of the hands. Many times I feel flattered, if someone likes pretty things why NOT tell of it? But it also cautions me, above all because I do not seek the fame or neither the money."

391 Responses to "Keyra Augustina’s Ass"

  1. Anonymous says:

    WHAT? she had arms

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    if you idiots clicked on the chickipedia link you could find out what her face looks like.

  4. Wankolly says:

    I would like to make dem cheeeeks soooo sticky !!!
    She is a cum funnel. WOW -YUMMY

  5. Anonymous says:

    That’s totally not gay. Wait a second, yeah, it is.

  6. blackstrat says:

    I would eat a mile of her shit just to suck the last dick she sat on. (Of course, after all that, it would be kinda nice if I got to stick every appendage on my body into every hole on hers …)

  7. Anonymous says:

    ewwwwww……. gross.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, you’re a big fag dude. Shoulda kept that little comment to yourself.

  9. Anonymous says:

    defently someone without a nice ass :-)

  10. SHALLOW TOO says:

    WHO is the idiot ??????

  11. wow those ass are the greatest ass I’ve ever seen in my whole life

  12. sheriff says:

    this ass is like fast food. its shit before and after you eat it

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Gregg says:

    I would suck her cunt till her head caved in!!

  15. wow one of nicest butt I’ve ever seen wish she had a pretty hot face to go with that though

  16. Wabbitslayer says:

    I would love to bite that ass, develop lockjaw, and be dragged to death. Soooo sweet.

  17. Anonymous says:

    who the fuck cares about her face you idiot

  18. Anonymous says:

    I would like to chop off her butt and wear it over my weiner as underpants everyday.

  19. Anonymous says:

    i just busted 7 nuts thinking about all the things i would felch outta that badonkadonk

  20. Anonymous says:

    I would drop to my knees and smother my face in her beautiful ass, could not stop kissing and licking those buns.By the way could do it all day and night.

  21. Anonymous says:

    i would let her shit in my mouth if it involved sitting on my face.

  22. Anonymous says:

    nice ass, but hairy arms!

  23. Anonymous says:

    i would like to stick my dick in her ass

  24. kevinbenjamin says:


  25. Anonymous says:

    If it involved her sitting on my face, I’d let her shit in your mouth too.

  26. Anonymous says:

    thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard! your old lady must have a flat ugly ass so u think its hot.. lol

  27. Hotperfect com says:

    That is amazing.

  28. loverboy says:

    she is the queen of asses.need to open the ass like a fruit and finish the job with our small brother and my tongue is ready for her ass.

  29. baghy says:

    @Luvs2Spooge: lol )))

  30. Anonymous says:

    Well if you think asses are gross because homosexuals are into ass, then you’re forgetting one big thing, when you’re eating out this chicks ass, you don’t have a nutsack on your chin, therefore making it completely heterosexual, anyone referring to liking any part of this woman, homosexual, well, I think it speaks for itself, faggot.

  31. Pocketpool says:

    I would wear that ass like a hockey mask!!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure if you ask nicely, they can put up a picture of a huge cock just for you.

  33. Anonymous says:

    really! theres ass in those pictures! i thought i was just looking at peaches

  34. Anonymous says:

    you’re the only piece of dumb shit, if you can’t admit this is the best ass there is,

  35. Anonymous says:

    Exactly! Some people bitch about the stupidest things.

  36. Anonymous says:

    whhhaaaattt?? the only homo in this conversation is you for not recognizing the glory of that and all great asses…shame on you

  37. oh.yeah..me too. so sexy ..

  38. shitting in mouths says:

    why do i always have to hold the camera…

  39. The Cow says:


    You want to know what I would do to that.. didn’t think so. On a related note why would complete strangers want to read about your intention to do anything to someone’s ass? I mean we all think about it but that doesn’t make it remotely interesting to read. Now.. stop typing.. jerk off like you’re supposed to.

  40. ojdidit2 says:

    So sweaty! Want to touch the hiney

  41. Anonymous says:

    respect the booty, it may do you good in the future

  42. Anonymous says:

    you mean you wanna tag that ass

  43. Anonymous says:

    I’m not really into asses. The only guys that are into asses are homos and black guys and who would want to be either one of those? They’re gross!

  44. Anonymous says:

    I would enjoy engaging in sexual intercourse with the female featured in the images above.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I liked the picture with her ass in it.

  46. Anonymous says:

    i completely disagree, it’s is in the EXACT correct proportion to her body

  47. Anonymous says:

    Do you have a lisp?

  48. dane says:

    what is with the guy who would eat stuff out of her poop….you could just try to touch her but with your weiner…and have nothing to do with doo doo. Wierd…

  49. ron'shoemaker says:


  50. Anonymous says:


  51. Anonymous says:

    Suddenly my pants don’t fit. Damn, you could bounce a quarter off that ass and get back fifty cents…

  52. assmasher says:

    I would wreck that fucking thing.

  53. OneArmedMan says:

    Then all fine bitches should get implants, DUH!!

  54. Anonymous says:

    You, apparently, have never had anal sex.

  55. Anonymous says:

    No it fucking doesn’t, you’re a homo.

  56. Anonymous1 says:

    I wonder what her mom’s ass looks like. Can we get a pic of that?

  57. Loura an says:

    Than you must know the Funny facts about farts

  58. Horny Chick says:

    That is officially the Greatest Piece of Ass I’ve ever seen!

  59. Anonymous says:

    I prefer UN-rhythmically myself.

  60. www.bonethefish.com says:

    There’s an interesting phenomenon going on here. In tight stretch shorts, this is the most bang’n ass ever. Naked…it looks a bit too big.


  61. Anonymous says:

    That’s gross.

  62. Anonymous says:

    lol sexism doesn’t apply on forums, also, this is pretty much what photo galleries like this are designed for

  63. Anonymous says:

    This comment thread just made my day.

  64. Anonymous says:

    this very hot

  65. amber says:

    while keyra might have the hottest ass on the face of the earth i think i can give her a run for her money. but with my boobs instead.


  66. Noah says:

    yes, this ass is so nice i would permit her to shit on me

  67. david davidson says:

    her farts sound like they’re coming from a well maintained trumpet

  68. Richard Azak says:

    what r u all talkin about
    fuckin haters
    that is beautiful
    people r just jealous i guess

  69. Anonymous says:

    Just some poor teen again that needs attention. There is a lot more sexier girls than this. If I would put my ass pics in internet I bet it would become famous like all others, with way or another.

  70. lana says:

    shut up u sexist knobhead

  71. Thatguypete says:

    Now THAT is an ass to be reckond with! WOOOOO!

  72. Anonymous says:

    its ok

  73. svetlana says:

    thats had silicone implants cos u can tell…….u men u so easily duped!

  74. Bdub says:

    Natural Viarga therapy right there!

  75. Thatguypete says:

    Suddenly my pants don’t fit. Wow, you could bounce a quarter off that ass and get back 50 cents…

  76. Anonymous says:


  77. Angel Mass says:


  78. Anonymous says:

    I echo the sentiments of those on here when I say that I express an interest in inserting my penis into this young woman’s vagina and thrusting rhythmically until I achieve an emission.

  79. todders says:

    Simply a work of ART…

    You ever heard of a DICK DONUT? I didn’t until I saw this hilarious video:


  80. Sir Loin says:

    I would love to part that fine piece of fruit slowly and gently until that beautiful brown winkie showed its mischevious form. I would like that crack slowly until I finished at that beautiful hole and the spot treat it with my tongue, finally inserting the wet tip inside then ramming my cock into it. I would finish with a good ball slapping and fill that beauty full of warm milk until it drips down the back of her thighs. All the while, I would watch her face contort in pleasure as she looks in a mirror.

    A thing of beauty is a joy forever …

  81. Argiefag says:

    Agustina has no implants baby, that’s 100% argentinian meat.

    God bless my country and the georgeous asses I get to see everyday.

  82. shartfelch says:

    sure he has. he’s just never been the pitcher.

  83. Anonymous says:

    scrotum mucus? WTF?!?

  84. Anonymous says:


  85. Anonymous says:

    I would love to give her a cavity search.

  86. porncrank says:

    That is an amazingly great ass. But you know, I feel like i’ve seen asses that good on black chicks before. I guess everyone’s making a big deal because this ass is on a white chick? That’s cool… but I’m plenty happy with a good black ass too :)

  87. Chris says:

    I would marry that ass

  88. Mac says:

    Sweet mother of Mary. Who cares about her face with an ass like that, I’d never be facing her anyway.

  89. Teddy Picker says:

    one ass to rule them all……

  90. argenta ass lover says:

    these types of asses are common place in Argentina. So much so, that they have an annual competition. The Reef Girl in Mar del Plata.

  91. moetiz says:

    that is a beautiful ass

  92. JohnDoe says:

    Come on people it is only ass :)

  93. nobby says:

    I would drag my balls through 1000 miles of broken glass just to wank on her shadow !!

  94. www.livingwithballs.com says:

    I think this might be my new favorite web site.

  95. troy says:

    not bad hate to see you go

  96. Rh says:

    yeah she have arms to pull ur head up her ass idiot. Me i would rather eat whats on the other side. But she has a great ass.

  97. anand says:

    sexi gand sex with me

  98. Mr Finally says:

    Just in response to a couple of people…

    What’s a face?

  99. slobberingdrunk says:

    if she pooped i’d like to watch it, then keep some of her poop in a box to look at, to remind me of the time i watched her poop

  100. guido says:

    i can lick my own ass

  101. shagnasty sexy one. says:

    i would fuck her all night long ill make her squel like a pig… :)

  102. shagnasty sexy one. says:

    i would make her call me daddy. :)

  103. betsy mendoza says:

    keyra. please let me eat your ass before my husband tears it apart with his fat nine and a half inches. have you ever been with a white man and a puerto rican woman ? i have a beautiful ass too. my husband fucks it at least 2 times a week. how about you ? how many times a week do you have anal sex ? please write us and come to philly to meet us. we’ll make you come so much that you will never want to leave.

  104. shagnasty sexy one. says:

    i would dip that taco i love pink taco’s it would be yummy hmm. :)

  105. YoSup says:

    That ass is so fine I’d wanna suck her daddy’s dick

  106. Chelsey says:

    OMFG.. sooo jealous. I’ve been told i have a pretty nice ass (i don’t see it) but omg, she is PERFECT! i will never ever ever ever come close to looking that good. damn, so hot. i just wanna paddle that ass. mmmm mother fckn hot. i bet she tastes like peaches.

  107. Jesse Morgan Mischner says:

    I’d hit it.

  108. salarqader says:

    im love your u god gril kiss

  109. Ronald McDonald says:

    I’d hit that ass all night long and for the rest of my life.

    Then I would give her a Big Mac.

  110. KV says:

    reading these comments makes me lose my harder faster than thinking about my parents

  111. Gangster says:

    What the Fuck!
    Absolutely incredible!

  112. shagnasty sexy one. says:

    i would lick her dry like no one would lick her like a lollipop.

  113. Taco Man says:

    Anal, Vagina, any hole will do. I would do 10-15 years for rape to have her for 3-4 days of anything goes. God almighty, she is just wearing a sign that says fuck me if you can catch me.

  114. hoopdeman says:

    I would be in so deep, you would need a map to get my dick out that ass.

  115. lex says:

    I always thought sports betting at lines2bet was my number one vice, but after seeing Keyra’s ass, wow!

  116. will says:

    i’d eat the peanuts outta her shit just to sniff her underwear!! GODDAMN!! WHAT A TREMENDOUS FUCKING BOOTY!! i’m gonna vaporlock! that shit makes me wanna just grab something and start stuffing it.

  117. Jack says:

    She does have a nice one …Vida’s younger sis..?

  118. ubbas says:

    Did everybody click her name up avobe? there are more photos
    hope you did!

  119. lovesanal says:

    wow i wish i was the guy diggin’ in that ass. i’d inject all my love juices in there….

  120. smiley says:

    everybody wants some, I WANT SOME TOOOO
    the middle pic shes naked, drop the fuckin camara man!

  121. Homer Sexual says:


  122. Anonymous 1 says:

    Shiite Muslims! That thing is bigger than San Fran! I’m gonna beat my wife for this one!

  123. Dork says:

    Boy, howdy! I might actually lick that or something. It’s quite a bit bubbly like a giant carbonated soda!

  124. Anonomous says:

    Oh. Ooonnnnne more thing:

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmnnnnn. (Like Master P)Uuuuuuh! Na na na na!

  125. ocakgaz says:


  126. ocakgaz01 says:


  127. Ratatoskr says:

    I want to have that as my pillow, both at night and watching TV !!!

  128. chris says:

    i have a hard on now baby.

  129. Anonymousme says:

    I would promise her I wouldn’t penetrate her if she let me fuck her ass like cleavage…after pounding her spit filled crack I would slip deeply into her slit and surge her full of shot after shot, spurt after hot spurt of my thick creamy cum as she cried out “fuck my ass hard with your huge thick cock!”. Then I’d click on another pic! :0) !.

  130. gr8scott says:

    That’d be rape AND kidnapping. You’d do life dude and then YOUR ass be gaped every night.

  131. Anonomous says:

    To all: If your comment is gay as hell (Id suck her Dad’s dick) or trifling as hell (Id eat her shit) or just plain stupid as hell, keep em to ya damn self.

    And to the racist bastard who said “who’d wanna be black”, why dont ya go suck a fat one.

    That’d most likely be something you enjoy, so I’m probablu not insulting you. Talkin abt some,”Only folks into asses are gays and blacks.” Bitch, I cant help if she got a phat ass and I like it! Shit. And I bet 1/2 the folks that commented are white and guess what?

    They appreciate a nice ass!

    Just cuz ya Dad ran up in yours and turned you away from asses, doesnt mean you gitta spoil the treat for everybody else. I think everyone will agree when I say, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    Take ya lil fruity ass to one of those all-male websites like any of ya regular queer friends would do.

    Now let the rest of us hetero’s with sanity and common sense gaze upon an ass like no other. Black, white, latino, I dont care. Your all fine with me. Continue to appreciate ass.

    Of women that is. Not guys like the queer I was just talkin to.

  132. DASHING DAVE says:


  133. ThaMajesticWun says:

    Here’s her face


    Just Google Search Images, there’s plenty of them out there.

  134. Nigel says:

    I’ve seen much better. Besides, why are you obsessed with a place that POO comes out of?! POO! Tig ‘ol bitties FTW

  135. Sexy Booty says:

    Why would girls be jealous to this? I’m a woman and I would fuck her in all forms of tribbing. From butt tribbing to pussy or butt tribbing to butt. I would do all kinds of tribbing!

  136. dr.brain_surgery says:

    te doy diez mil dolares si me dejas chuparte las nalguitas

  137. Hell Bound says:

    I would drink her bath water

  138. Anonymous says:

    that ass is planetary because it’s outta dis world in other words she might have colon cancer cause her ass is sick i would let her fart on my dick any day

  139. OurGodIsAnAwsomeGod says:

    He Rang From Heaven Above!

  140. Anonymous says:

    that’s fucking sick…

  141. Pimp Player # 1 says:


  142. Anonymous says:

    С приветом из России! Кейра приежай к нам, мы приберём в свои руки твою попку!!!=)))

  143. todders says:

    wow. thats an ass that just won’t quit…

    you know who’s already tapped it? This guy:


  144. Anonymous says:

    her face is nice too, just google it

  145. Anonymous says:

    Fuck, I have quite a clean-up to do; the keyboard, the screen, my hands, the ceiling, even my face a little.

  146. Just me says:

    I’m a woman and I’d finger fuck that ass and lick it all nightl. some women know a good ass when they see it!

  147. Wut? says:


  148. Redrum says:

    They should just kill and stuff her now and put her ass in a museum since there will never be anything that perfect ever again. Hurry, before she decides to procreate.

  149. Anonymous says:

    Now thats an Ass. I would ram my cock right in that so hard and just let her grind away.

  150. ha ha says:

    laughing so hard i’m crying..

  151. Anonymous says:

    I would have consensual sex in the missionary position with this fine young woman.

  152. Anonymous says:

    man, i would eat through 3 metres of her shit just to get to where it came from.

  153. Anonymous says:

    use a condom next time bitch!!!!

  154. Anonymous says:

    Sir Mix-a-lot approves :)

  155. Anonymous says:

    Christ!!! I’d drink her fuckin toilet water!!!

  156. Freida fan says:

    ohh you may also interested in Freida Pinto Butt show

  157. Anonymous says:

    OMG. That IS original.

  158. TheIceManCometh says:

    I would like to dip my dick into liquid nitrogen and fuck her ass until it shatters.

  159. Anonymous says:

    I’d put a piece of saran wrap over my face and then watch her shit on my face

  160. Anonymous says:

    If you know what i mean

  161. Itchynutz says:

    as long as I have a face, she has a place to sit! I would love to be string on the g-string in her ass!

  162. Veronica says:

    Keyra Augustina’s ass definitely has implants. ICK. It does not look good.

  163. Anonymous says:

    why would a girl be checking this awesome young lady’s ass out anyway!!! the consequences can be very dangerous!!!!!!

  164. Anonymous says:

    I would hit that like an abandoned building.

  165. Anonymous says:

    I would eat the corn outta the shit that exits that cornhole!! That thing is ASSTASTIC!!!

  166. Anonymous says:

    even putin wants to pleasure her!!!!

  167. Mr McGriddlecakes says:

    Yea, seriously. Women should shut the hell up when it comes to what guys want. After reading all those failed issues of Cosmo with titles like “101 ways to please your man” and seeing that they don’t know what the f*ck they’re talkin about, you’d figure theyd just ask and/or listen and accept when men say when it comes to that realm.

    That ass is incredible. I’d wear that ass like a hat. On my face. Then go to sleep.

  168. Pimp Player # 1 says:

    Veronica…you wish you had that booty! As a guy…that is the best,trust me. You are a girl so you know nothing about what a good ass looks like. I bet Keyra didn’t know it until it got featured on magazines. I wonder what her vulva looks like.

  169. Anonymous says:

    NO, too far. jeezuz!!!

  170. Anonymous says:


  171. Anonymous says:

    GROSS!!! Some of the things people say!

  172. Rogue! says:

    HoLy MoTheR of GOD!

  173. Soapybutt says:

    She would never have to use toilet paper again in my house!! My tongue would be her personal beday!

  174. mike jonze says:

    she has an amazing egotastic butt!

  175. Anonymous says:

    OK, now, THAT is original. Your dick wouldn’t really shatter, though; it would be like smacking her with a frozen pork chop. just sayin.

  176. Anonymous says:

    I must admit she has a fine ass, but what does her face look like? If it looks as good as her ass I guess I too would love to do some very nasty thing to her.

  177. ha ha says:


  178. Pimp Player # 1 says:

    Yeah man, for sure…she would be perfect for the remake of 2 girls & 1 cup vid….yeeeah

  179. dhel says:

    suck your ass so beautifull..

  180. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, fat, sure… your dick could be crushed between those cheeks if she wanted to.

  181. Anonymous says:

    I would suck a fart out of her ass like a bong hit

  182. Anonymous says:

    best ASS EVER.question is guys, would you? i no i would, oh crap boner with jeans on hurts like hell

  183. Anonymous says:

    I would lick it, rub it, and definitely bang it over and over and over again. It’s the perfect ass.

  184. Anonymous says:

    I would suck the last dick that was in her ass jsut to get a taste of it!!!!!!

  185. Anonymous says:

    i love that ass it is bis and beatiful.the cheeks are big enough to screw without penetrating her hole but i still would

  186. mr. lovebutts says:

    i really really would do/pay anything to motorboat that ass. damn!!! thats one fine ass….

  187. Anonymous says:

    fuck you because you fuck for gooo

  188. Anonymous says:

    ^^ yeah, well, your language constitution needs a few more amendments, gook

  189. Anonymous says:

    fuck you because you fuck for gooo

  190. Anonymous says:


  191. Anonymous says:


  192. Anonymous says:


    ———- THIS ASS IS FROM ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!———

  193. Anonymous says:

    That is a great Ass! Don’t let them Aregentines fool you, a booty like that is the result of having non-European genes. That shape is more than fat, I seen tons of flat fat butts.

  194. ass inverter says:

    i had to look elsewhere to get a face shot… this girl is the extra skin around my cock…

  195. Anonymous says:


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  197. Anonymous says:

    Really? I didn’t realize she had such a small face.

  198. ArrrrrrrrrBoy says:

    Yeahhh Baby I Wanna Fuck Yo :*

  199. Anonymous says:

    Eww, I just noticed how hairy her arms were cos of the comments below. Nasty.

    Her ass on the other hand, deserves to be ploughed

  200. invert that ass says:

    this is probably a girl who is hella jealous of the fine-ness.
    remember razors go down the highway, not across the street

  201. invert that ass says:

    i hope you’re forced to eat your own cock at gunpoint one day

  202. Anonymous says:

    The thing is, 80-85% of Argentineans have European genes. It’s just because of some of the mixes that occur, due to the country’s diversity. I’ve seen some amazing asses down there…

  203. Bdub says:

    Erectile dysfunction…cured!

  204. Anonymous says:

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  205. you know its true says:

    i hope you smoke and shoot heroin. anything that will shorten your life i encourage it. like my penis to your eye socket.

  206. you know its true says:

    you would notice it… any excuse to “not wanna tap it” has been your life’s story

  207. invert that ass says:


  208. shartfelch says:

    when i die i’d like to come back as her toilet paper.

  209. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could stick my dick in that ass and fuck her all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  210. Anonymous says:


  211. Pimp Player # 1 says:

    I would rather be the mole on her ass

  212. Anonymous says:

    well, I’m done!

  213. Anonymous says:

    my goal in life is to eventually try to shove my head up this girl’s asshole until she sharts all over my face.

  214. Anonymous says:

    You must be gay . . . :S

  215. shartfelch says:

    who gives a bloody fuck about hairy arms, gay motherfucker? shut the fuck up and fap your dick raw while you fantasize about burying your head in that ass, like the rest of us.

  216. Anonymous says:

    Nice ass, bot obviously fat very soon. It’s such body constitution.

  217. Pimp Player # 1 says:

    Yeah, like a vaporizer! It would be so danky too.

  218. Anonymous says:

    Theses asses need alot of work on them..they are so fat and i feel sorry for the underwear companies to make them for fat asses in this world…

    Smile here’s my ass~~~!!

  219. Anonymous says:

    impossible, only rainbows, stars, flower petals, and marshmallows would come out of that ass

  220. Anonymous says:

    Can you imagine that shit actually comes out of that ass!!

  221. EZ says:


  222. Anonymous says:

    i would just email me then at chumah69 @yahoo.com

  223. cnnic2005 says:

    Sorry, guys, to tell you this: IMPLANTS. But (Butt??) I bet her ass was great just as God gave it to her, in any case.Christian Louboutin Shoes

  224. Kliffa says:

    If you got better ass like that send me photo plzz.. That ass is awesome :) )))))

  225. Reneo says:

    Please call me then !

  226. Anonymous says:

    How does she get that ass so shiny?

  227. erica says:

    i dont understand why keyra has the web in a bundle with her ass while i cant get anything with my boobs. i think we need to work together to cause heart attacks!!


  228. Anonymous says:

    dam gurl id make her cum everywhere

  229. paakashi says:

    There must be a
    Ass movie
    About Keyara In Hollywood Ass Movies

  230. erica says:

    if keyra keeps shaking her ass would i have to do twice as many jumps to keep up with her?


  231. Anonymous says:

    Damn, I wish I could grab a strap-on and pummel her ass until we both came in full writhing orgasms. I’d even let a few of you guys watch!

  232. Zomgroflcopterlol says:

    ROFLCOPTER…. franko ur my hero! lol…

  233. Anonymous says:

    you can’t judge boobs if there’s no nipple.

    look at keley hazel, she only got famous when she bared it all

    if they’re natural and still look good you could make a lot of money from softcore photoshoots

  234. Reneo says:

    You say the least…

  235. bebo says:

    I would marry that ass.

  236. Anonymous says:

    all you guys are sick fucking perverts. gross. get a life and stop masturbating to a picture.

  237. Eska says:

    Buh gawd that’s a fine butt.

  238. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, guys, to tell you this: IMPLANTS. But (Butt??) I bet her ass was great just as God gave it to her, in any case.

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