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Kirk Cameron Doth Protest Too Much

So we’re all aware at this point that Kirk Cameron is a born again Christian, right? ‘Cause he is, and he’s not one of the cool, quiet ones. He still goes on TV and flaps his dumb gums about crap. Most recently, he was on Piers Morgan’s show discussing gay marriage. Of course, he was against it. Like really against it. Like so against it that he might actually be for it.

You know how that works. When a guy is so against something like that, it means he’s thinking about it super hard all the time? Well, Kirk said basically everything your racist, homophobic, closeted uncle would say about the matter. You know, that homosexuality is unnatural, and that it’s “ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.”

That sounds particularly hilarious when you remember it came from this guy:

There isn’t anything particularly homoerotic about this photo, but that’s because you can’t see Kirk’s erection.

So much product.

Oh don’t mind Kirk, he’s just gazing out the window, thinking about dudes.


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