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Label It Hipster. So Everyone Can Avoid It!

Hipster Label
Yelp recently added a “hipster” label under it’s atmosphere options. Good call, Yelp. Now those who wish to can avoid such establishments when they don’t feel like being judged, and those who like jeggings and Sally Jesse Raphael glasses can more easily find them. But why stop with businesses? There’s a handful of other things you’d probably avoid if it had a “hipster” label smacked on it.

Since what would define an establishment’s atmosphere as “hipster” is a little up in the air, we’ll just assume it means everyone in the room is pretending they’re only stopping there for a drink on their way to somewhere cooler. “Hipster” would probably indicate that everything about the establishment is trying way too hard, and that it probably has its own trust fund.

The hipster label could be thrown on just about anything that people like for irony’s sake, or things people don’t really get, but pretend to get.


Fiction, Non-Fiction, Hipster!


Drama, Comedy, Hipster!


Men’s, Women’s, Hipster!


Rock, Country, Hipster!


Lights, Regulars, Hipster!

Modes of Transportation

Sedan, SUV, Hipster!

4 Responses to "Label It Hipster. So Everyone Can Avoid It!"

  1. Eat Shit says:

    Apple products gotta have that hipster sticker….

  2. Rahm Emmanuel says:

    no fucking apple? You kidding me? Starbucks? wtf taco, you half assed this, really coulda been good

  3. sweetfly says:

    I agree that apple products are beloved by hipsters but they should not be included in this because apple products are actually really good . This survey seems to be things hipsters love or would love but are really pieces of shit … like novels by Ayn Rand …music by Sigur Ros etc …this was a good , if not way too short list of things that should be labled hipster