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Lacey Chabert Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Lacey Chabert is not the most well known actress of our time, but she’s certainly hot enough to be on the radar.  She got her start on Party of Five, but what I remember her the most from is Not Another Teen Movie, as the girl who was upset no one shit on her chest.  Since then it’s been love at first sight.
Pointless Quote: "They’ll remember my name; they’ll ALL remember my name!"


13 Responses to "Lacey Chabert Pictures"

  1. apewoman says:

    That is funny, tru, thanks!

  2. PO says:

    I’d do a lot to her except sh** on her chest.

  3. Srmoksa says:

    Already fuckin change it! :(

  4. Wilford Brimley says:

    She was so hot in “Mean Girls”

  5. Ian Fortey says:
    The intern responsible for this error has been sacked.
  6. Andrew J says:

    She wasn’t “shit on my chest” girl. She was the one that gave hand-jobs if a guy wrote a sappy love letter to her.

  7. Srmoksa says:

    I’m seriously offended by that mistake. :(

    I hope he gets at least a punch in the balls!

  8. Zoob says:

    She was in that Lost in Space remake about 10 years ago, wasn’t she? The middle kid?

  9. Anonymous says:

    …And the “dump on my chest” girl was always-so-lovely Mia Kirshner.

  10. tru says:

    The funniest thing I ever read.


  11. zJoDenny says:

    Wow, she has come a long ways since “Party of Five” I had the biggest crush on her back then :D