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World’s Biggest Dork?

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If you think you have trouble getting laid, you won’t after watching this guy. My favorite part of this is when he references Japanese anime, then tells his prospective date that it’s okay if they don’t know about it, because if they date him, they’ll learn plenty. If you listen closely, right after he says that you can hear the sound of millions of vaginas simultaneously clamping shut.

277 Responses to "World’s Biggest Dork?"

  1. ? says:

    I remember people laughed at Bill Gates when he was a teenager too. Owell lol

  2. Bob says:

    What a twat. I hope for him he gets laid.

  3. Joel says:

    I wish everyone of u who posted a rude comment on here had a chance to walk a path like this guys. cuz honestly people of this nature are the only real people left in the world the rest of us are just idiots who use and abuse people in our lives.

  4. David says:

    Okay, maybe he isn’t the typical guy women are looking for, but f**k it. Let him do what he does. It’s one thing to laugh at people who do stupid stunts that you know are gonna end badly, it’s another thing to make fun of homeboy because he’s not the guy you hung out with in school. S**t, maybe that was you in school that people made fun of. Let it go. Show me a video of someone running their bike into a wall. Now that’s funny.

  5. haha says:

    ahah, that guys name up there is Rick.

  6. lies says:

    this is clearly not real, and/or staged

    the japanese anime was over the top

  7. NeverGonnaGetLaid says:

    Hi thanks for watching my video.

  8. Kevin says:

    There’s a very good possibility that this guy is a functioning autistic.

    In which case you guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

  9. kate says:

    my pussy just went dry

  10. Mitch Martin says:

    I hope he finds the really cute alien girlfriend that he is looking for.

    He really blew my mind with the glasses. I had no idea he needed them to see. I thought for sure they were just a fashion statement.

  11. Vilhelm says:

    The poor guy is just being genuine and honest. He’ll probably end up married to someone for the long term, and make a pile of money, which is more than you can say for the average “cool” person in this world.

  12. Anonymous says:

    # ? Says:
    February 23rd, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    I remember people laughed at Bill Gates when he was a teenager too. Owell lol

    so what’s ur point?people still laught at him today lol look at him, how can’t you laught :)

  13. Stncold says:

    Well done Break, it only took you about a year to repost this. You just shattered your old record of two months. I’m proud of you guys right now.

    As for this old video, who really cares. The anime thing is over the top but at least the guy is honest which is more than I can say for 90% of the virgins and various dumbfucks that frequent this site.

  14. Boukca says:

    Its so easy to laugh at this poor guy, but think of this…I rather work with someone like this than some druged out white trash person. Atleast this guy is trust worthy and wont screw your stuff up.

    On another positive note, maybe he wont be such a dork in the future? Can he grow out of it?

  15. props says:

    props to this guy. For thos making fun of this guy, ur deuche bags and seeing as u have nothing better to do but watch this video, ur probably jerking off to some lame animal porn later cuz u cant get any pussy yourself. Big ups to this guy again, i hope he gets crazy amounts of pussy.

  16. steven hawkins condon collection says:

    fuck off fergal

    RIP in preace eduardo

  17. AlcoLOL says:

    Sadly, you have to be completely retarded in this world to be really attractive. I wish dumb bitches would be attracted to intelligent, meaningful people; and not be attracted to stupid douches who have a meaningless existence. Quote me if I’m wrong, but this world is pretty fucked up when it comes to standards.

  18. BvrFvr says:

    Hey it’s McLovin!

  19. hooligan says:

    Hey Kate, let me lubricate that for you…

  20. Joel says:

    now theresa hurting fool for you… see above posting.

  21. dwreck says:

    more power to you brother. get get that pussy. Come to sd, ill hook you up homie

  22. dwreck says:

    but it would be paid for, it is what it is.

  23. Luke says:

    Oh, come, on, he’s not that bad.

  24. Dave says:

    ahahaha… he is the anti-poon

  25. Anonymous says:

    there’s going to have to be a spoof on this

  26. Evan P. says:

    I think AlcoLOL is a visionary.

    Merry a nerd, a disturbed person, or an ugly person. Your marriage will last much longer and you’ll be much happier.

  27. cory says:

    I would totally date this guy.

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. mike says:

    OOOOOOLD news i uploaded this video on youtube in 05 get with the now break staff THE NOW!

  30. DennMann says:

    lol, i just wasted 3 mins of my life

  31. ShallowThinker says:

    It’s okay DennMann it’s not like your going to cure AIDS or something so go ahead and waste another 3min if you like.

    Having a link to the Opie and Anthony show on your website makes you just as big a dork as this guy.

    “Hey Opie you ever notice how women are whores”
    “Yeah women like penis and I call black people Canadians”
    “HAHA great show so far, we are killing”

    There is a reason they got canceled here in Chicago because only meathead New Yorkers give a shit about them.

  32. Scores Man says:

    I didn’t know Stuart Smalley had problems getting chicks. Why do I think this guy has a big KICK ME sign on the back of his shirt?

  33. Rob says:

    Well ok the guy is a dork but so what, he was desperate enough to make that video and now hes going to have a bunch of assholes making fun of him… I feel bad for him, buried in hopes that he won’t become popular and find out the jerks of the world laugh at him.

  34. Me says:

    “I feel bad for him, buried in hopes that he won’t become popular and find out the jerks of the world laugh at him.”

    Another reminder for: don’t go desperate on the internet :) .

  35. patrick says:

    let him be who he is.. He’s not a dork. He hasn’t got much confidence so what

  36. Rick says:

    hahahahahahaha he thinks his glasses make him look cool

  37. joe d. says:

    glasses look cool u know

  38. Cara K. says:

    I feel kind of bad for him, he seems so sweet and honest

  39. Tara says:

    I actually thought he seemed like a really sweet, nice guy with a good heart. He might be a little socially awkward, but that’s something he openly acknowledges and there are far worse things to be in this world. I respect the things he’s looking for in a partner and I respect his courage to put himself out there, despite his shyness. I hope he meets a really sweet girl who appreciates his virtues and does not judge him for his social difficulty.

  40. cat says:


  41. Hmmmm... says:

    Not sure if this is real or not…

  42. Tristamus says:

    Alright, so he’s not a great looking guy or just not attractive at all or whatever, but man, this guy seems to be really pure at heart, seriously kind, a little bit too much in fantasy land, but that’s prolly cause his RL is shit. Making fun of people like this isn’t cool, it’s insecurity. All the douchebags who make fun of this poor guy can really just go fuck themselves. that’s just my two cents, I couldn’t help but wanna have the guy as a friend after seeing that. Yeah, I’m a nerd too (game art design major in college), but you would NEVER know it by talking to me for 5 minutes or by the way I look.

    wow why did i write so much wtf?

    anyways, i sympathize with these kind of people, because they are genuinely kind people, and there’s not too much of that in this world anymore (if there ever was)!

  43. Angel E. says:

    Tara, I couldn’t agree more. He seems like an okay guy, not someone who will backstab you or whatever. This guy seems like an intelligent and diligent guy who doesn’t give a sh*t what other people think. Hopefully since then he has gotten more comfortable with women. Good for him, hope he finds a nice japanese girl.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Dude is orginal…. i can digg it

  45. enric says:

    well his intended audience are any girls sort of same as him, dorky girls would date this guy. the biggest dorks are those who does not speak in front of people and stutters. so if your not a dorky girl move on.. no need to laugh at him and posting his video on the internet to let other “cool” people laugh at him for the sake of hits.

  46. xaschi says:

    i really don’t get why people make fun of him.
    he seems nice, witty, not shallow-brained as many men out there – and obviously not interested in that type of girl either, which i think is great.
    if i was ten years younger and solo he’d be the type of guy i’d be looking for.

  47. sayan says:

    dis nigga needs to smoke himself some weed

  48. Psykonaute says:

    This guy reminds me of… me. Therefore, all of those who posted comments to make fun of this guy are complete assholes. At least he had the guts to grab stuff and do this video, taking the Online risk.

  49. dude says:

    He’s got courage, and he’s not ashamed to be himself, in my book, that’s cool. I hope he finds his happiness. I don’t get why people can laugh at this – you’re probably all shoe salesmen remembering the glory days of high school

  50. OrangeTiger says:

    OMG He is so adorable. I would go out with him but I don’t know if he can handle me. 0.o >^_^< meow. If you don’t get it…. just don’t even try.

  51. Tony says:

    This guy is good natured and honest. He makes me feel like an asshole, even if he is a dork. I guess I am an asshole…

  52. Matthias says:

    Ridiculing other people on the internet is among the worst things people are doing these days, really.

  53. Michael Ott says:

    So what is the benefit of poking fun at this guy? He sounds honest and just wants a fair go.

    Sigh…nice one.

  54. rhapsody says:

    He was honest and unassuming, and that makes his way above those who make fun of him.

  55. Rekzai says:

    i think ataru is a pretty cool guy, eh wears glasses because he needs them to see and doesn’t afraid of anything

  56. Here's the thing says:

    He might be a nice guy and all, but the fact remains that he posted his video on the Internet, and when you do that you’re gonna get laughed at. Period. So all you self-righteous saints can shut the fuck up and lighten up, while the rest of us have a good laugh and get back to the real world. And if you can’t agree with that, then you obviously should go suck this guy’s dick, ’cause Lord knows he needs it.

  57. Dan says:

    That guy isn’t bad. I’m sure he can find a nice girl. He’s funny and thoughtful and obviously has a brain. BTW… there are many female artists who draw anime. Watch the Akira DVD extras.

  58. shitfuck says:



  59. ~M says:

    1:32 for the WIN!

    “…and has a nice voice”

  60. y. says:

    I would absolutely date him. Seriously. He seems cuter and by far more intelligent than many men I know. Geek is the new chic.

  61. Anonymous says:

    honestly…. hes not fat lol….. and hes not going to cheat on you…. hes probably not going to go out of his way to hurt you / take advantage of you…. so w/e… hes still a nice guy with a hole in his heart .. he may be a dork but he probably has more talent than most of the people who have commented on this page…

  62. Sympathetic says:

    I’m sure this kid knows how to use Google, so I’m surprised he hasn’t used it to figure out what women are looking for.

    Rule #1: Act confident. Don’t be a jerk about it, just don’t wear your insecurities on your sleeve.

    Rule #2: Women are mostly interested in how you make them feel. Talking about yourself and f-ing anime doesn’t do much.

  63. Tony says:

    Haha its funny how you girls say omg he is sweet and kind at heart blah blah blah.. then obviously you imply that he aint your type, you are into assholes and wouldnt go out with him. but he has a sweet heart ya’ll!!!

  64. More Than I'm Getting says:

    Nowadays any degree of celebrity tends to be an aphrodisiac, so I’m sure old Louis here will get at least some poon for his troubles.

  65. Space says:

    this kid can’t be serious.

  66. XENU says:

    ass burgers

  67. Louis says:

    you guys are assholes Im just trying to find someone like me…. oh god I should have never paid for this…

  68. andrew says:

    this guy is my hero.

    if you like muse, queen, franz ferdinand, or the cold war kids, check out Carlotta: http://www.CarlottaTheBand.com

  69. Noname says:

    If this video is infact real, I just got to say that this dude is not a dork just very socially untrained. Give me 3-5 months to work with this guy and he will be getting laid like a fucking rockstar,

  70. drmoroe30 says:

    Totally fake- ya’ll can’t tell that?

  71. jnqwryu says:

    lots of nerd empathy in here haha “he’s not so bad”

  72. keli says:

    aw he seems like a sweet guy

  73. hahaha says:

    Except Bill Gates wasn’t living with his fucking parents and obsessed with anime when he was 23.

  74. Jemb says:

    He shouldn’t keep talking about being a loser.

  75. Diego says:

    You’re a sort of an Idiot.

  76. adsfadsf says:

    Holy shi-! That’s one fucking pitiful son of a bitch. His cuteness will get him nowhere if he can’t cope with reality.

  77. Ali says:

    I didn’t know this species exist !! I thought it was just a myth !!
    they should make a documentary about him serious.. in discovery or Nat Geo or something… we shouldn’t neglect such a phenomena, but may be we should all try to get them extinct.

  78. LOL says:

    5 bucks says he has his name stitched on his underwear.

  79. kylan says:

    lol this kid is funny

  80. streetz says:

    he looks like me jon

  81. streetz says:

    i so will do him for $5

  82. Chivas says:

    773-996-9098 call me

  83. sparkydog says:

    i so will do him to but not for $5 have to be $10

  84. Cube, Liquid, Kylan says:

    i bet he has a big 1 in there if u know wat i mean :)

  85. Sparkydog says:

    i get an orgasm just watching him oh yes

  86. Cube, Liquid, Kylan says:

    i wonder how short it is bet its small like mine

  87. Sparkydog says:

    u know it i bet it -10cm like minve

  88. Cube, Liquid, Kylan says:

    im gay and like men i live in chicago illinois ocme to my house we can play internet games all day!!! :)

  89. Sparkydog says:

    il be there in 20 minutes

  90. Cube, Liquid, Kylan says:

    woot i got internet fairies!!! :)

  91. Cube, Liquid, Kylan says:

    its me on top at meatspin.com if u want to know wat it looks like!!! :)

  92. streetz says:

    that is me on top on meatspin.com

  93. streetz says:

    that is my mom on 2girls1cup.com

  94. Noel and Nadia says:

    I’m sitting here watching this with my fiance and we both think this guy is open, honest, sweet – and probably going to be rich as well. He’s a good catch!

    Fuck all the sophomoric retards who can’t understand that. Go date Keven Federline.

  95. Anonymous says:

    this guy will never get laid.

  96. Andy says:

    It’s McLovin!”!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. karren says:

    maybe a dam fine bj will fix his womanly voice problem , but living with his parents at 23 im not so sure about. does he have to be home before 10. lol

  98. dave says:

    so hes not your average ladies man. but i give him props for being true to himself. there is someone out there for him.

  99. AR15Expert says:

    Classic annoying nasal jew.

  100. floppy says:

    how is this dude not rolling in pussy?

  101. Dave says:

    You know, I was looking at the replies expecting people to be leaving asshole remarks but I’m pretty pleased to see that most people actually admire the guy, as do I.
    He might not have the stunning looks of your typical asshole jock, but he’s actually pretty smart and I have to agree with him on the piercing and tattoo shit. I hate makeup too, so yeah.

    And no he’s not the worlds biggest dork. I’ve seen much worse. Most dorks wouldn’t even attempt to get a girlfriend.

  102. sarah says:

    AR15Expert he’s not jewish. stop stereotyping us!

    besides….I’d so date him. i love smart men!!!

    AR15Expert is 51 and virgin!

  103. Pat says:

    You want Honesty…

    You will die alone!


  105. Nobody says:

    Welcome to our wonderful world of the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!
    Is this what America has come to??
    Can we not all be who we are without being judged by other peoples shortcomings and hangups??!??
    This is my first time checking this place out. 8^{
    I have to admit it doesn’t say much for our spoiled, self-centered American lifestyle, now does it…….

  106. Your mom ! says:

    dude … I watch anime ..and I get alot of chicks …wtf?!
    Im a pre med student …i do research. I study …
    again … im a black belt … i party,

  107. KidDirty says:

    “There’s a very good possibility that this guy is a functioning autistic.

    In which case you guys should be ashamed of yourselves.”

    Exactly! After about a minute of watching that I became pretty convinced that he has Asperger’s Syndrome.

    They have an incredible time with social situations, and just getting the balls to make that video probably took him more courage than most of you will muster in a year.

    Good for him for getting the balls up to throw it out there and try to get him some damn poon-tang!

  108. Jdizzle says:

    I actually went to High School with this kid!!

  109. J says:

    People like this shouldnt reproduce…just lie down and die

  110. AR15Expert says:

    Sarah … I’m 30, married to a wonderful and beautiful woman, and I am a software engineer. Thanks for playing though.

  111. Artmat says:


  112. Josh says:

    He looks like a cuddler

  113. a name says:

    What scares me is to realize that I’m only a few degrees of nerdiness away from this guy (minus the aspergers, thankfully). I can’t help but relate to the guy and a lot of his viewpoints. Kudos to him for being this outgoing.

  114. Not funny says:

    You people act like he can help being a dork. What’s next, a video picking on a retarded kid?

  115. HotChicka says:

    o yah id totally date him

  116. Boobie says:

    This list of Comments is by far the most Tideltoteing list of personal objectives I’v ever seen, McLovin has started a Revolution of ideas and seeing how left to right these responses are made; makes me think that, from Diversity to Similarity were all idiot assholes and we sud be so lucky to live with are parents and feel okay about it! – But still not expect to get laid any time this decade! –Bro get a tattoo of your Alien Girlfriend and for GOD sakes stop Talkin likeing that!~ you know wht I’m sayin!…

  117. TheCyberX says:

    This takes guts.
    Allright little dude! Good luck :)

  118. Shmimz says:

    There is a difference between being a sensitive guy and just plain talking on and on about your failures. Talk up your achievements!! move on from failure. As long as hes not the robot guy from Grandmas Boy, this guy may just have what it takes to survive in society today.

    Not saying that i do, but i just like to judge people.

  119. Anonymous says:

    ….is this a joke?

  120. Rymdkejsaren says:

    This guy seems good, he might need some basic social coaching but I’d pick him as amy friend over a lot of the “cool” people I’ve met. People who look down on him are just insecure about themselves. Never be ashamed of who you are or what you like to do.

  121. martin says:

    this video is seriously lame

  122. JMK says:

    I don’t know should I be sad or glad for him…

  123. troybob says:

    its fake folks. sorry

  124. wixwo says:

    this guy is going to need this website

  125. ROFL says:

    Uh oh he forgot to mention his World of Warcraft account! Now no one will date him… No one’s cool if they don’t play World of Warcraft T_T


  126. g-money says:

    i think he is more of a runescape kid

  127. B says:

    I can’t believe everyone is focusing on the sex aspect when it seems more of an issue of his financial situation. Money has an incredible impact on one’s romantic life, and he seems pretty disappointed he hasn’t gotten the opportunity to do better in life… maybe he couldn’t go to college, maybe his professional life is stymied by his being socially awkward… thanks to people like the dicks on this page.

    Anyway, I don’t see it as an issue of sex. Only teenagers think that’s a big deal. He’ll get the sex eventually, and he’ll get love as well (as long as he shuts up about the damn anime).

  128. Jessica says:

    Wow….i think i’ll go a few years without sex now…

  129. Jeremy says:

    what a fag

  130. anarchist says:

    Joke Vid. Laugh’s on you.

  131. Jack Mehoff says:

    I predict he devotes all his time and energy into a business that develops a dork cult following and he becomes a millionaire many times over by the age of 30. A beautiful woman will suddenly come into his life and he will fall madly in love with her. They will marry. After a few years of screwing around on him and spending his fortune she will divorce him and take half of what is left. After several unsuccessful attempts at stalking her he will spiral into a deep depression wasting the rest of his fortune on collectible action figures and unopened mint condition cases of Pokemon cards.
    In the end he will spend the rest of his days living in the basement of his mother’s home eating Totino’s pizza rolls and masturbating to vulgar rape scenes in Japanese animation.

  132. Skog says:

    Said “Sort of” 12 times! Real confident aren’t we?

    “Ataru”, the character he compares himself to is a lecherous horny good-for-nothing whose mouth gets him slapped and shocked by women repeatedly. What a great role model!

  133. Duh says:

    The ultimate stereotype!

  134. Pec says:

    This guy could easily reel in bitches if he would just shut his mouth and stop being himself.

  135. Gotta love Darwin... says:

    ….survival of the fittest incarnate. Stick to the dairy section you fat fuckers

  136. lala says:

    aww…thats not nice, feel bad for the guy hes wierd but he cant help it…. dont make fun of him lol help him lol..awwww poor guy

  137. sean says:

    haha that shits great i need to find more being on HA gets to you after awhile

  138. ELFfromToronto says:

    i think my chemistry teacher d be a perfect gf for this guy…hmmm

  139. gogogo says:

    I love how people are talking about how rich he is going to be when he is older. The majority of people like him aren’t smart, sometimes they do a lot of school work, sometimes they don’t. Living in his parents house at 23 means he is probably not in college/ is done and too dumb to get a job. You know an apartment takes about 4 shifts a week at mcdonalds

  140. eded says:

    Would love to see how the fat pig females hide their fat arms and necks on this dating site!

  141. wtf says:

    i dont get it

  142. Dude... says:

    A barrel of laughs to be around? I did quite a bit of laughing as I watched you on this video, at least. Poor dude.

    He’s awfully particular, isn’t he? He wants an honest, easy-going woman who isn’t materialistic and possesses no jewelery/tattoos. My friend, if you’re desperate enough to turn yourself into a dating advertisement, you should take whatever you can get.

    I’d say something like, “If you’ve got a vagina, give me a ring.”

  143. Friends, as a creator of a major shock film series, I have to say, this was pretty shocking. Not the video of the guy looking to score, but the posts by some of you lamos. You’ve got the guys that dog him for being a creative individual, and the guys who stick up for him. You even have the chicks that either dig him or hope he finds someone that does.

    This is what it is all about. Love him or hate him, we have the chance to voice our opinions every day in public online forums. Keep up the productive conversation, ingrain it into society any way you can.

    On a completely unrelated note, if anyone finds a little brass key, please stop by my office.

  144. Dude says:

    Hmm… I always find these datevideos so funny. You can actually learn a lot on what NOT to do. I hope the guy finds a girl of his kind…. But ffs… why do we only see guys on these datevideos? I´ve actually never seen a girl screw up on these things…

  145. ilikepussyonmyface says:

    props Says:

    February 23rd, 2008 at 6:31 pm
    “…seeing as u have nothing better to do but watch this video, ur probably jerking off to some lame animal porn later cuz u cant get any pussy yourself.”

    Riiiggghhhtttt and yet here you were watching the video too…still waiting on that mexican chick fucking the donkey video to download? Damn retard. Think before you post…you are embarassing yourself. Your parents should be ashamed.

  146. Tim Hardawaying Nigs says:

    What a fag. How are you going to get a girl if you are so down on yourself and show zero confidence.. shits sad

  147. Some random dude says:

    Somebody please tell him about the game, fast!

  148. Jake says:

    lmfao…”if i were to change something about myself…”
    if i was him i would get a new body,voice, and personality. basiclly he should be a whole different person.

  149. Doovde says:

    Aww, bless. I wish him luck. :)

  150. Vulcan says:

    IMHO this is the COOLEST kid to be with.

    Wonder what the fuss is all about. Just leave the kid alone. Whoever put this up on digg certainly had a score to settle against this kid. He’s far better than the losers who hide behind the anonymity provided by the internet and post crap about him.

    On the bright side I am sure there are lot’s of girls out there who’ve seen this and think he’s a pretty cool person to be with.

  151. ju-hu-das says:

    I don’t know if it is bravery or frustration,
    but this guy has really some stones, to tell the world everything about him quiet honest.He properly has to now, that he is a powergeek, so very bald move.

  152. eeks says:

    Geeks? Nice guys? People like this tend to be in their first relationship far too late in their lives, and as such are inept at confronting their partners with problems.

    Their tenderness usually dies down after the first two months or so and whadd’ya know, you get Mr Ice-Man with a huge chip on his shoulder.

  153. Tony says:

    Is it me or did this guy contradict himself so many times? How can he be a wild and crazy guy yet down to earth and normal, or very outgoing yet extremely shy?

    Assuming he’s real, you can tell he doesn’t succeed from A) his language (specifically these contradictions) and B) him pretending that its simply ‘luck’ that isn’t allowing him to succeed

    He’s indecisive and in denial. That’s why he’s who he is.

  154. Kathleen says:

    He is so SWEET! =P Poor sod!

    I’ve got a friend-type-guy with bad teeth, bad hair, bad face and a bad attitude, and he can’t understand why he can’t get girls. God, I just can’t tell him he’s ugly and annoying.

    Poor, oblivious nerds.

  155. Mj12 says:

    I dont get it, this guy seems a lot nicer then many people i have encountered – i say the dorks are the people who posted this video in the attempt to somehow ridicule this gentlman over the internet.

  156. Jon says:

    i dont see the point on this video?? whats the nerdiisch with him he is honest, friendly not a boring normal guy… jeje

  157. nedroj says:

    …….his voice is way to Freaking nerdy.
    i would haveto strangle this dork at the start of a conversation

  158. sup says:

    atleast he is honest.

  159. daman says:

    hey kate ill moisten that pussy for you,and the girls that said hes sweet i bet are all fat with pimples all over there face.

  160. lol says:

    by anime he meant cartoon porn.

  161. mattabooboo says:

    If you listen closely, right after he says that you can hear the sound of millions of vaginas simultaneously clamping shut. LOL!

  162. pilfro says:

    Ive watched these people on Comcast- where I think this is coming from- Hes a catch compared to the others…Yeah he was a dork, but really I dont think he came off bad at all.

  163. Vikki says:

    I bet hes huge.

  164. body, like a turtle head

  165. jim says:

    lol the comments are funnier than the vid.
    theres a weirdo for all of us. he’ll get lucky im sure :)

  166. Stanley says:

    He will get dick :)

  167. Rob says:

    Anyone got his number, i have a strong passion for nerds.

  168. Jonnie says:

    Good thing for this kind of guy is he won’t have to worry about wasting all his money on women. Future Bill Gates.

  169. Oskais says:

    lol. well i think hes very much like his anemic ohh sry thats anime character. maybe hell end up with his own alien girlfriend coz hes a planet of his own this guy.

  170. Fos says:

    this clown will definitely be the last branch to his family tree

  171. Booby says:

    Does this submit comment thing work?

  172. Booby says:

    cool, any Uk girls wanna date geeks I am building a database. 18-35 age group. Hit me up on ukdogfighter@hotmail.com. Remember. Geek is Chic!

  173. jesus tapdancing christ says:

    this guy would not be such a fag if he didnt watch anime, im sure of it. all he has to do is stop watching anime and he wont be a typical nerd who lives with his parents.

  174. King Zilch says:

    So fake.

  175. Razzra says:

    First time i saw this i laughed my ass off….
    then i thought about it for a few hours and felt bad for him….
    after that i watched it again and laughed even harder…

  176. Tom says:

    holy fuck u guys are fucking assholes!!!! i bet he’ll end up getting more pussy in a week than u dumbfucks get in ur entire meaningless life.

    and anime is fucking awesome!!!

  177. T Hacks says:

    Funny how all the girls say they feel bad for him and hes not that bad, but in real life they probably wouldn’t even get near this guy.
    Seriously, don’t post stuff like this on the internet if you don’t want to be laughed at.
    I really don’t feel that bad for him now that let the whole world see this. He dug his own hole.

  178. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bless he needs someone like his mummy soooooooooo sweet any one out there for him lol

  179. Ray Marcher says:

    I didn’t laugh one time through this entire video
    It’s sad that you guys laugh at such a sweet guy
    Bet you this guy is a freaking beast in bed
    He’s completely adorable

  180. booger says:

    if you blur your eyes, it says “clerk”, but it looks like “dork”. irony…

  181. dookie says:

    i farted watching this video!!!!!

  182. c will the thrill says:

    he got beat up every day in highschool

  183. josh B says:

    i jacked off to this video

  184. wow says:

    whats with all the fags on this website ‘just let him be himself’
    this is the internet you fags not your boy scout meeting

  185. Koolaider says:

    It’s old, but it’s still funny.

  186. Riece2 says:

    This dude is awesome. A little dorky, yea for sure. But he’s definitely more real than any of you baby dick punks commenting on him. I’d be friends with that dude. Anyone who watches that video and makes fun of a person like that, you need to check urself, cuz ur more than likely a bigger dork than you THINK he is.. and no, ur sideways, 2 sizes too big hat and pants around ur knees doesn’t hide it. In fact, someone should break it to you, you get made fun of a lot MORE than he does.. Suck on that one assclowns..

  187. Superbad says:

    This guy reminds me of how Fogel looks in Superbad.

    Though this guy seems a lot nicer. I didn’t think he was really nerdy until he said…

    “Ataru…Has this really cute alien girlfriend.” So anime girls turn you on huh?

  188. Mikosage says:

    This would be so much funnier if I didn’t have friends in high school who were even more socially awkward.

    I kinda feel bad for him, though. Props to him for making this vid. He’s not hurting anyone, so I say rock on freaky bro. ;)

  189. omgwtf says:

    ew he reminds me of my art teacher

  190. Tom says:

    I don’t know, he’s not the guy making a webpage with a “who would you rather do?” quiz on it.

  191. Nathan says:

    He makes me fee good about myself.

  192. noway says:

    i thought these kind of people dont exist…

  193. don't care and neither should you says:

    For those who feel sad about this guy, just notice how he tried to deceive ladies in the beginning of his video just to change what he really was about 30 seconds later. Someone really outgoing is not someone scared of socializing. He is trying to be something he is not and that is why he fails at life. He doesn’t need luck, he needs to believe in who he is and try at everything with all he is. Sending in an application for x y or z does not mean trying to achieve what you want. Practically stalking the person who is going to hire you and demonstrating to them that you have the drive and desire to do whatever it takes to achieve that position does. He needs to stop whining and feeling sorry for himself. Time will only pass by, and at the end of the day the only women who will sleep with him will be hookers… who will btw take advantage of him and charge him double.

  194. Tony says:

    “holy fuck u guys are fucking assholes!!!! i bet he’ll end up getting more pussy in a week than u dumbfucks get in ur entire meaningless life.”

    Who knows. All I know is that he has 5 years over me and I’ve gotten more pussy in a year than he has his whole life.

    Like I’m not even boasting, I would only have to sleep with one girl for that to be true.

  195. Lame? says:

    Something tells me that ALL comments that support him are coming from other dorks who are in the same position as this guy without the balls though to admit it and post their video on the net (and humiliate themselves). Just get over it guys. This is what you are. Period. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Anyway I’m going back to my life (and honestly I don’t give a fuck of what you’re going to post about me after this. All I know is I love how my life is…)

  196. Poor bastard... says:

    Just try to imagine how insecure this poor bastard must feel. He would have been picked on at school – had his money stolen and was probably beaten up every day! To top it off, he’s probably still a virgin, while the rest of us were like 16-17 when we got our first root! You assholes should be ashamed of yourselves for ridiculing this guy’s attempt to get a girlfriend!!! I wouldn’t want to be like him, none of us would – he is a dork, but at least he’s a nice guy, not like the rest of you dumb jocks!!! I am ashamed of myself for laughing when I first watched it, you people should all be too!

  197. I wish i was him says:

    He looks like the biggest pimpdaddy of all time to me. Stud status mother fucker!!

  198. Maagaard says:


  199. HAHAH says:


  200. c'mon says:

    People c’mon, why the fuck are we laughing because of this dude, if we posted all of your ugly heads on the internet, you would go cry to your mom, who would try to take it off the internet.
    i love this dude, he looks okay, why the fuck should we hate him? cause he has galsses?

  201. badaping says:

    I’m sure he’s a nice guy.

  202. Adrienne says:

    I wish people would leave this guy alone. He’s a total sweetheart. When you get to know him, he’s a great guy.

  203. Jason B says:

    You know, I do think he is funny a bit..But seriously, I can empathize.

    I used to be like him…Mind you, I am a good looking guy though (not trying to boast my own ego or anything)….I had the same issues as him. I do believe that people can change their personalities for the better. I had to deaden my shyness and become sexier, bolder, and more interesting to women…and ultimately accept women for the good and bad things.

    Someone needs to give this guy a copy of ”The Game” by Neil Strauss, and materials by Wayne “Juggler” Elise…..The Game was an eye-opener for me and I sought for a change.

    I got my first phone # for a girl at 20 years old..after 4 months of going to clubs, and gaining confidence, I’ve been laid already.

    This guy really NEEDS to be a more POWERFUL version of himself.

    He is an intelligent guy, but if he can’t make a woman feel, his intelligence is meaningless…Women love emotions in a guy…People wonder why nice guys can’t get laid, because they aren’t racy, too friendly, non-flirty, and ultimately lack the qualities that women like in a guy.

    The bad boys get women because they can trigger emotion…although I’m not a bad-boy type, I can see how they are successful. Nice guys can be good with women too, but this guy NEEDS to LEARN HOW. Going on the net and being honest is great, but without the understanding of attraction and how to appeal to women, he’s ultimately going to remain the same.

    You get what you give.

  204. myglassesmakemelookcool says:

    hi,im er never gonna get laid after this cos everyones gonna laugh at me and now the popes gonna get more pussy than i am cos well im about as useful in sex as a condom machine is in the vatican but oh well, i may be able to get it from a dead dogs dick :p

  205. myglassesmakemelookcool says:

    hi,im er never gonna get laid after this cos everyones gonna laugh at me and now the popes gonna get more p*ssy than i am cos well im about as useful in sex as a condom machine is in the vatican but oh well, i may be able to get it from a dead dogs d*ck :p

  206. McLovin says:

    OMG, its in its in. thats its in the toilet roll, teehee

  207. angelslady16 says:

    Make fun of him all you want to now but in about 15 years, ladies won’t be able to keep their hands off of this guy after they see all the money he’s gonna make-either that or he’s gonna end up shooting up a school from the constant teasing!

  208. He’s going to be rich, that’s for sure. If anything, he’s probably used to the constant teasing, and will use that to fuel him. Not saying that’s a good thing exactly, but it might work.

  209. WEEDTOCO'S says:

    seriously for all the girls id be nice to him and maybe u can have fun with him and he henta (anmie porn) and do your thing lol

  210. buub says:

    just goes to prove that digg users dont get laid

  211. LOL says:

    why is anyone sticking up for this guy. not only was the movie funny but the posts about it were just as funny. maybe if he lost the voice and glasses and sat up straight and got a hair cut and grew some nuts he might be an ok guy…


  212. Andy says:

    Judging by the fact that everyone’s supporting this guy, I can only guess that you’re all huge dorks. Just because you’re unattractive nerds, doesn’t mean people who can actually get girls are assholes. Seriously, it comes off as petty jealousy.

    Also, any geek is responsible for how they act, and anyone can change. Just because you have geeky hobbies, doesn’t mean you can’t be a normal person the rest of the time. Heck, I enjoy gaming and watching the occasional anime, but I’m also athletic, have at least a basic sense of fashion and make good money as an artist. It doesn’t really take much to pick up girls. It’s about finding a balance. If you live like a geek and don’t even try to change for the better, you don’t really deserve any better. If you want something, you actually have to work for it.

  213. Anonymous says:

    Andy, I’m suprised someone as wonderful as you has the time to post about how wonderful you are.

    I’m pretty sure this guy knows he’s a dork. He’s probably looking for a dork to date, and he’ll probably find one. It’s funny that people like you, who are willing to conform just so you can write about how great you are, are annoyed by people who don’t conform and are quite happy being their dorky self. Even I’m guilty of selling myself to “fashion” and “making good money” as if these are the meanings of life. He should make you feel guilty for being another tool in line at AE.

  214. DASHENKA says:

    id hit that…a few times

  215. Jack Mehoff says:

    If he put on a wig and some ruby red lipstick I might stick it in his butt. I bet that freak show is capable of some seriously high pitched screams of agony.

  216. Phil says:

    Joel Says:

    February 23rd, 2008 at 3:42 pm
    I wish everyone of u who posted a rude comment on here had a chance to walk a path like this guys. cuz honestly people of this nature are the only real people left in the world the rest of us are just idiots who use and abuse people in our lives.

    Your comments tell be your as big a dork as he is or a hypocrite.

  217. Phil says:

    Jak Mehoff….your posting name tells us all we need to know about you. Your an immature, simple minded pervert who’s removal from this planet would affect no one. So just STFU A-hole.

    Oh! and that last comment you added tells me you like little boys dressed up like girls. So, you have no room to talk about anybody else’s personality.

  218. Coo says:

    lulz. I think the comments on this page are funnier than the geek in the video.

  219. Jack Mehoff says:

    I’m off to end myself now because some e-douchebag named Phil is having flashbacks of the playground beatings at school and has entirely lost his sense of humor. Ohhhh the agony….your crushing insults have ruined my entire day. Good bye cruel cruel world…

    If you don’t want me to slip the salami to young “Aturu” in drag before I go…. why don’t you post up your mothers phone number for me…. you big e-tough guy. I’m sure her brown eye is stretched and worn from much thrusting over the years but I’m still game….just because she is your mom. *kisses*

  220. sean says:

    he is so brave. so brave. he is so true to himself even in his poor condition. i admire this man. go louis.

  221. eric says:

    poor guy ^^ he looks and talks like a computer-freak

  222. jon says:

    i admire this guy too man. it doesnt seem so hard to believe that there is a female equivalent to him out there either. i guess maybe in high school he’d have a tough time but once in college and beyond labels dont really mean shit anyway.

  223. jon says:

    oh i forgot to add that i agree with him on the shoes thing and liking natural girls

  224. ralph taylor says:

    i like him, tasty babes i love the men

  225. Super Trucker says:

    I wish I had that girls phone number & address I would hook her up with my granny, she would make a MAN out of her or she would kill herself trying. If I was that dude I would kill myself, wich would probably make his familys life a lot easier. Or lock myself in my basement and never ever come out.

  226. SuperGreg says:

    For those who commented about him posting on the Internet, this was from Dating on Demand, which is available through Comcast OnDemand. There are some seriously funny profiles on there. He is dorky but I’ll bet most of the people posting making fun of him would be too chicken to go record their own profile and put it out there for everyone to see.

  227. Anonymous says:

    Tell me he didn’t fart at 0:28 LOL

  228. BjS says:

    He will never be successful. He’s 23, lives at home and is clearly an idiot.

  229. Nero says:

    Well from the title “worlds biggest dork” I was expecting something a little bit more than that, hell that wasn’t even funny… just seemed like someone speaking their mind and telling it how it is in their life… meh

    As others have said I hope he finds a girl.

  230. ace says:

    I know a ton of asian chicks who would love to date this guy.

  231. rockno.jpg says:

    I liked the ending, where he showed how incredibly close-minded he is. No tattoos might be understandable for a turbonerd such as himself, but no earrings? I don’t think a guy like him is going to make it very far making demands like that, and as for making his username based off of an (obscure) Japanese anime, rockno.jpg.

  232. AnyoneAnywhere says:

    I’m alot like this guy, all except im not so heavy into japanamation, i dont wear glasses, i dont have a squaky jewish voice, and im actually quite attractive. i have the same social akwardness and insecurity, but people wouldn’t know by looking at me that im a total dork. . . i like crap like comic books, video games, and art. Sometimes i think i’m hiding my nerdiness and insecurity behind this punk rock haircut, tattoos and jeans + t-shirt, just so that i don’t look as insecure as i feel. The biggest thing in life is to be true to yourself, and others. So big-ups to this guy.

  233. Anonymous says:

    freal you guys should just leave this guy alone
    he’s just a nice guy learning to socialize and get out
    every dude has prry experienced some of what this guy looks like he’s going through
    so keep ur crap to urself…

  234. DICKHEAD says:

    Wow, what a pimp, this guy probably gets laid all the time, while beating off to anime porn =O


  236. Deadly says:

    Seriously, I can teach a girl how to pimp like a mad man, I’ve owned every round in idlepimps, I made this video cause I was needing some love in my life =( but I still yet to hear from anyone =( I’m a sap =( awwwww =(

  237. Deadly says:

    Nvm, this video should be deleted I have no found my love, we have anal ALOT, he goes by the name COCA COLA in idlepimps, I can’t tell his real name, we love our gay anal sex =)

  238. Reaper says:

    id stick my man meat in your ass but dont tell jamie.

  239. Deadly says:

    steak or burger?

  240. pierson says:

    I just don’t see the point in laughing at this guy. It’s just another way of bullying–come on guys, let him be.

  241. Vankook says:

    He’s not as bad as a lot of Anime fans I’ve met. He actually seems nice and at least he’s honest about it. From the way he’s talking, it sounds like he actually wants to break away from that crowd and get out of the rut he’s in. Nothing wrong with that. SO he’s a little nerdy, everyone is these days. I remember when playing nintendo was nerdy, now everyone plays f-ing video games and it’s alright.

  242. cbsouljah says:

    girls watch anime too.

  243. A says:

    i love how almost all the girls say hes a sweet guy and how they respect him and what he’s doing, but i bet most of them would never even think of dating him and they would probably never talk to him

  244. KidDirty sucks says:

    KidDirty says: After about a minute of watching that I became pretty convinced that he has Asperger’s Syndrome.

    WoW! Amazing!! You never met this guy, yet you were able to give a diagnosis after watching a 3 min video. Are you a doctor? How many years of experience do you have in the field?

    If you want to defend the guy, go right ahead, but keep your “expert medical opinions” to yourself.

  245. bbbb says:

    I think he totally just farted at 0.28. ROFLOL

  246. Gilli says:

    I’m a guy
    I just got turned on by this dude…

  247. Mthijs says:

    Kind of funny.. By the time you’ve seen this movie you notice it doens’t say anything..And if you’re fuckin around about leave this guy alone..
    Bunch a fucksticks…..
    Met vriendlijke groet, Mthijs:)

  248. Here is a list of things to consider:

    1. Fuck anime, it’s for faggots!
    2. Fuck studdering, it’s for losers!
    3. Fuck, my cat possibly might be intersting in you, but won’t date you; that’s for damn sure!
    4. Fuck parents, after “your what 27?”, living at home, when the the fuck do they tell the faggot, you, to move out…why not do it yourself?
    5. Fuck you, no one else will!

    P.S. Anime sucks, you suck, cock, fuck yourself, that’s all you have left…By the way, horizontal on the wrist with the razor is a “fail”, vertical is the only way to go!

    Please, everyone else add a number 6+ to the list…

  249. Anonymous says:

    I thought he said that about himself. And he’s cute. I can see him getting more girls if he had a different haircut and clothes.

  250. Anonymous says:

    What kind of ass explosions are you having if that sounds normal to you?

  251. hack67 says:

    of course your user name is shallow thinker hoe else would you think weith such a tiny brain as for opie and anthony tell me shallow what did you pull down last year? these guys are millionaires someones listening and who needs shit-cag-hole anyway what an awful city

  252. ROIDRAGEE says:

    wtf i cant see the video

  253. ROIDRAGEE says:

    oh i saw it now…


  254. Bob says:

    Well,the guy is normal thesedays.

    He may live with his parents but come on. How many people out there have thier parents pay for thier Car,for thier insureance, pay for thier College,use thier parents as co-signers,etc. I could go on and on

    I love the people that say bad things like that but have relied on thier parents for everything even though they live in thier own place.

    As for most girls(not all) they dont want guys like this at a young age,they will once they have had more sex than you can count with the “bad boys” and they are wore out and looking for a Suger Daddy.

  255. G says:

    your argument would be more compelling if you learn how to spell – it’s T-H-E-I-R ! !

    And the guy may be normal… Normal for dudes who aren’t getting laid!

  256. Vartanovich III says:

    This guy is pretty cool actually… not every1 is the same but i bet this guy grows up and makes more money than ne other dumbfuck in today’s highschools

  257. Anony says:

    Wait…what makes people think this guy will be rich in a few years? Maybe I missed something but he didn’t say anything about his job…just that he lives with his parents.

    Even if he does end up swimming in money a few years later, he’ll have women swarming over him…but unless he gets a serious makeover, they’ll be cheating on him with a hotter guy within a few weeks.

  258. Anonymous says:

    i agree because he is not in highschool hes like 23. “Dumbfuck”

  259. Jeff says:

    You DO NOT tell women your socially fucked
    You DO NOT tell women your wild and outgoing and very shy (mixed message)
    You DO NOT tell women your into anime
    You DO NOT tell women you hate Sex in the City (chick show)
    You DO NOT advertise living with parents unless it’s perminent
    You DO NOT tell women your luck and life sucks
    and You DO NOT fart in your Date Video and post it on the internet

    IS THAT SO FUCKING HARD ! Mention why you work !where you work ! Mention ambition in computers or school ! Mention music a book or a movie that you found insightful ! There has got to be a reason a female would be around him and he’s not saying it !

    to the girls who insult him . . . it’s funny as fuck especially the pussy going dry.

    to the girls who think it’s fucked up people make fun of him . . . the 40 year old virgin wasn’t a drama . . . it was a comedy much like this video

  260. Pierre says:

    are you Steve Ward? No, really?

  261. ken says:

    after about a minute it looked like this guy has assburgers disease (aspergers) so just him making this video took some serious balls if thats the case…i have seen FAR bigger dorks in my life. and all you fucking girls saying you would date him and hes cute and blah blah blah…im callin bullshit, he is still a fuckin dweeb, and not what women look for. he may be sweet and whatnot but he is not what most of you would consider “dateable” but some people just arent. theres a girl out there for him, he just needs to find a japanese anime artist and hes golden.

  262. Anonymous says:

    OMG!!! ANIME NERD!!!!!

  263. CG Gibsex says:

    Its nothing more than a Just a funny gay dork

  264. Cheryl says:

    Seems scripted and false. Yet, any girl like me, about to reach 30, KNOWS that once this boy hits 30, be it a richman or just an average Joe, he is going to have wild sex with us as we are damned tired of apemen with muscles, tiny but thick dicks (steroids condition) and a brain of, well, an ape.

    Dorks usually fuck WAAAAAAAAAy better than cool guys, ie: they are needy and dry, so they are restless once they find a place to park the car. Plus, they are easy manipulated to satisfy US rather than themselves cause they know SHIT about sexy anyway… God Bless the geeks!

  265. Anonymous says:

    isnt it obvious this is fake?

  266. Pac says:

    ahh hes not so bad.It was just his voice. I once saw this guy on craigslist who really wanted a nerdy girl. He was like they have to be into hard core video games, bruce campbell, and know what steampunk is.

  267. Anonymous says:

    I just see a World Biggest Gay Dork

  268. Keron says:

    ure screwed….

  269. Tammy says:

    You know this isn’t a funny video. I personal do think he’s cute. I’d rather have a “nerd” than a “bad boy” anyday. Nice guys usually take the time to learn about you and what you really like.

  270. Anonymous says:

    This fake.

  271. josejura says:

    haha funny man

  272. dave says:

    thanks injection molding from our factory!

  273. Anonymous says:

    even thought hes 23 he can still get rich in a few years. 23 is not to old to start living your life

  274. BamMan says:

    At the beginning of the vid it lists his occupation as a ‘typist’ $30 says he grows up to be poor as fuck.