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Lauren Conrad Loves John McCain

I’m undecided as to who I’m going to vote for. As of yesterday I was going to write in a vote for that ex-football player guy who played the RA in Saved By The Bell the College Years, just cause I think there were a couple situations with Zach and Slater going after the same girl that I thought he handled well. But now, with this new endorsement, this changes things. Usmagazine.com reports:

At the White House Correspondents’ dinner Saturday in Washington, D.C. Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson asked the crowd to cheer for which political party they want to win in this year’s presidential race.”I’m a new American so I’m trying to decide which party to vote for,” he said. “Should I vote for the Republicans?” Lauren Conrad “clapped wildly.”

Ferguson continued, “Or [should I vote for] the Democrats?”

At which point, “Conrad immediately placed her hands on the table and wrinkled her nose to her friend.”

I love that she made a stinky face when he asked who was voting democrat. That’s how I reacted when I graduated high school and my dad said “We should celebrate. Where’s the closest Red Lobster?” It’s good to know that that face can also be used to sum up her feelings on an entire political party. They should give her a show on MSNBC. I’d rather watch her than Keith Olbermann. Personally, I think if Lauren herself ran, she potentially could win. The only demographic she’d have trouble winning the support of would be African American voters, and I think a simple slogan that reaches out to them would solve that. Maybe something like this:

6 Responses to "Lauren Conrad Loves John McCain"

  1. daniel says:

    Ron Paul!! It’s the only way to vote


  2. j faulk says:

    it doesnt matter how you vote the election is decided by powerfull delagets in fact the usa election hasnt been one by the popular vote in over 8 years. usa has been hijact

  3. Scott says:

    Oh come on now, Daniel. That would be far too logical for the extremely closed-minded people of this country.

  4. sean says:

    j faulk, nice butchering of the a little language i like to call american

  5. sean says:

    (yes, i know it’s called english)

  6. Sean (Not the guy above me) says:

    Ron Paul! Let’s get off of fiat currency and go back to the gold standard. That way the Fed can’t do evil, evil things like use expansionary monetary policy! Everyone knows mercantilism worked so well…in the 18th century….

    Ron Paul would single handedly try to reverse every economic advance of the last 150 years.