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Lauren London

Where You’ve Seen Her: Lauren London has done a lot of things, from modeling in King Magazine to doing back-up vocals for Snoop Dog and Nelly to…being more hot than she usually is.  Recently (very recently) she starred in I Love You, Beth Cooper, which came out on Friday and probably didn’t do well because of Bruno, and because the kid who stars in it is terrible and should never be in anything ever again.  But now, after seeing how sexy this chick is, you might want to visit your nearest movie theater.
Pointless Quote: "…uhhhh"


10 Responses to "Lauren London"

  1. amothafucka says:

    shut yo racist ass up we got da biggest dick of all races

  2. Athol Kelly says:

    My point exactly. Look at this. How can anyone deny that this is supreme loveliness. But the thought of a Black dick touching and entering something so beautiful turns my stomach.

  3. cookiecool says:

    May every Jack has his Jill.
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  4. The Beaner says:

    she is preggers with lil wayne’s kid…
    not so hot anymore….

  5. Slap Chop Vince says:

    anyone want a salad really quick?

  6. fuckyou says:

    i would fuck this girl into next week.

  7. Justin Wilson says:

    About time you put some sexual chocolate on here. I was beginning to think you guys were racists. You know I would tap dat.

  8. El Toro says:

    They all have pink tacos regardless….

  9. some dude says:

    She is hawt …hell hawter than most of them skinny ass boy shaped girls that keep getting posted on here