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Let Your Friends Know They Suck. Officially.

Remember how awesome Mad Libs were? Somehow it was always funny to put the word “fart” into any sentence. Well, a new website called Bureau of Communication combines the spirit of Mad Libs with official-looking government correspondance. You can send an Airing of Grievance, Formal Apology, a Statement of Gratitude or an Acknowledgement of Occasion. All of which are made funnier if you use the word “fart.” Send some to your friends today.

4 Responses to "Let Your Friends Know They Suck. Officially."

  1. mike says:

    typo in the link, dude

  2. cory says:

    Thanks, dude. All fixed.

  3. grey says:

    :P “Breath” is what you “breathE” out. Grammatical error.

  4. 072a6c0d10d2 says: