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Let’s Date All These Smoking Hot Muslim Chicks

If you’ve ever dipped your toes in the Internet dating waters, you may already know that some sites don’t have a lot of attractive ladies to choose from. But Muslima.com, the new Muslim-specific Internet dating site, there’s nothing but fine pieces of ass as far as the eye can see. I mean, look at them! You would be quite a lucky guy to land any one of these sultry little vixens.

I have my eye on the one on the lower left. No wait, I really like the one in the middle of the top row. Actually, on second thought, I’m calling dibs on the bottom right. God, this is so hard. Hey, that one’s in pink! Hello sexy!

via photobasement.com

31 Responses to "Let’s Date All These Smoking Hot Muslim Chicks"

  1. fuckjeu says:

    Hey “thejeu” fuck you.

  2. Haters says:

    Hey, all those people who think this is in bad taste/they’re just following their beliefs: you know what’s in REALLY bad taste? Getting killed by hand by your father and brothers for even looking at a man. Female genitalia mutilation is pretty bad taste too. But a millenia of often inhumanly brutal sexual subjugation is all right as long as we respect their beliefs, right? Idiots.

    Anyway, I lolled. For the busy ninja-about-town, this looks like the site for me!

  3. Mac says:

    Haters actually mutilation and honor killings more of an ethnic and tribal issue than a religious issue. It is common in Africa and some parts of the middle east but to blanket the entire religion as doing these practices is false.

  4. Gary says:

    The second from the left top row is Howard Stern.

  5. j says:

    i agree
    hey thejeu
    shut the f*#k up

  6. arne says:

    well congrats americans… and then you ask why lots of people in the middle east and other muslim countries think you’re ignorant. And spare me the “fuck off”… i’m all for critizising islam, christianity or any religion. And sure, make fun, but i’m sad to see how this can be soooo different and strange? it’s like kids laughing at a dwarf because it’s just so different… grow up for gods sake (or allahs, or for the sake of science and understanding). Some comments are just so offensive that I actually just laughs at them, it’s like a offensive parody joke made up by borat, or perhaps to be found in the american tv-show “the office”.

    It’s just a fucking vail! yes western cultures generally don’t use any more, as in just recent times, but every fucking culture has had different kinds of vails for women to cover hair, or other parts… especially in christianity.

  7. arne says:

    and for real, you can really tell some of theese girls looks really hot.

  8. JOHN says:

    how about becoming american looks like none of these women want to be american. the whole vail coviering of the face sort of says that we don’t want to be american, as this is not required of muslim women something they do because they want to be stricter than is required.

  9. comparator says:

    just so that you get the right (real) picture:


    please digg this image! (taken from the real site, age restricted to 20 up to 30)

  10. you are all fags. says:

    you guys are fags.

  11. Fredrica Bimmel says:

    You know they cut off the woman’s clitoris in some Muslim cultures. They are a bunch of savages. Stuck in the 7th century. Fuck islam, and fuck their smelly women. They need to bathe and shave their cunts.

  12. C.C. says:

    Wow. You guys really deserved 9/11. Probably more.

  13. Tyron says:


    Iran has one of largest, most liberal middle classes in the Muslim world, many of which support the US, but yet we call them one part of the “Axis of Evil,” in doing so turn many of these people away from support toward hatred, yet Saudi Arabia is one of our “closest friends,” which has one of the smallest middle classes in all of the Muslim world, and is run by a supressive, conservative Muslim monarchy.

    2 of those girls from the Iranian one are gorgeous, send me to Tehran.

    What I would like to know if Muslim men would be able to decide if these women are attractive based solely upon these pictures, or do they base it on other items, personality, etc.

  14. Pelzenstein says:

    wtf? those people who are angry right now, why are you reading this blog anyway? i mean, it’s full of boobs, asses and offensive posts.

  15. Jesse says:

    Thejeu – Be quiet.
    A free press and the things that go along with it are key, critical and of great necessity to any mixed culture. Typically muslim cultures contract and solidify, so, they don’t need a free press- They’re all the same. They don’t allow websites that make fun of things that follow the Muslim agenda. They can take themselves and their beliefs as seriously as they want, such as pushing martyr agenda on children’s shows, with little or no “checking” of their beliefs by people that don’t agree. If you disagree with this point, please reference the Muhammad picture publishing debacle of last year and see exactly why a free press is important.

    BTW – yes, I consider holytaco.com an article of free press, and the comments contained therein, including yours, to be articles of free speech (thejeu and even C.C.)

  16. Malos says:

    I think everyone who is angry because they think we are belittling Muslims for reading this and laughing is missing the overall humor in people posting pictures of themselves on a dating site with most of their face covered.

  17. the tank says:

    hey guys. im an arab and i just want to say that not all arab chicks are like that! i mean these people are just fucked up! btw my favorite is the ninja turtle!

  18. Binkyo says:

    Bottom row second from the left: she was in that Youtube video “Dramatic Muslim” that stemmed off from that vid “Dramatic Chipmunk” DUHHHH DUUUUUUUUUUH!

    I think its funny that there are some Allah groupies on here. How you like the tits and asses? lol.

  19. Bender says:


  20. Martini says:

    is this some type of ninja dating site?

  21. jamesshinobi says:

    i love muslim woman. in high school i was having an argument with a friend who was a muslim women. she was yelling at me saying wait can i explain. i jokingly said no like all jerky highscool kids do, and she folded her hands in her lap and shut up. wow that is awsome i would have married her if her huge dad wouldnt have killed me for being american!!!!

  22. Pratik says:

    I want the second one on the top row. Those shades make her look oh so cool.

  23. justsaying says:

    everyone is human, you are kind of mean for poking fun at this………….sorry these women don’t exploit their body parts…they weren’t like the other girls dieing to get on your website.

  24. Pelzenstein says:

    you know when people ask you if you’re more the boob- or more the ass-guy. i think in muslim countries there are also chin-guys.

  25. C says:

    The interesting thing is that you can say you’re a man searching for men or a woman searching for women and no one stones you or anything.

  26. theJeu says:

    you guys are kidding right? making fun of women for following their beliefs?
    if you fucking degenerates grew up with any culture in your families you’d understand tolerance towards others…

  27. Anonymous says:

    this is the reason why they are covered, so that low animals like ya’ll cant jerk off on half nakes women. Rotten gay-accepting society ya’ll dwelling in.
    Prepare to move out of this planet cause it is being taken over. Ya’ll will see it youtselfs when the dust sets down.

  28. Ben Gallacher says:

    Silly sub-human entity. If you know so much why not show your name and the psychiatrist you are under. Did your woman leave you? ahhhhh! poor you

  29. Fat Jack says:

    Just kill all of the patriarchal, macho, oppressive, Arab Muslim hypocrite men in the Middle East. We white, Caucasian, Christian or Jewish men from the Western world are NOT ALLOWED to even LOOK at their precious little, darling Arab, Muslim women, let alone think about even TOUCHING THEM….but those hypocrite raghead bastards surf the American dating sites for white women and come to America (or fly them to the Middle East) and hit on white, American Christian and Jewish women ALL THE TIME, like it’s OKAY for THEM, but NOT for US. Fuck those assholes. We should take all the Arab Muslim women out of the Middle East and bring them to America and just nuke those small-dicked faggots left over there.

  30. Blah Blah Black sheep says:

    My college Humanities teacher was Muslim. So you understand the irony of this situation, college Humanities is where they teach you about Western Culture and Civilization. Yes, I had a Muslim Lady teaching me about the foundations of Western Culture and Civilization. And you know what…she was the coolest teacher I ever had. She was also amazingly hot, too. She only wore the scarf over her head, not her whole face. She was like a walking encyclopedia when it came to cultural knowledge from around the world. I had so much respect for her. And yeah, where I live, there’s a melting pot of Muslim, Anglo, etc people going to college, and I gotta tell ya, Muslim chicks can be hella hot. Sure, you have your dogs, just like any race/culture. But when you see one that has that perfect, creamy skin, those dark eyes, raven hair … holy cow..smoking! Unforunately, Muslim chicks are almost as fanatical as Asian chicks when it comes to dating/fucking only within their own culture/race. Black & Hispanic chicks seem to be the most racially tolerant in regards to dating other races/cultures. White chicks come in second (there’s still some stuck up white chicks that only do white guys). And Muslim chicks come in after that…some like to play the field (Muslim guys definitely like to play the field…they’re guys after all). Asian chicks seem to only hang with their own, though. Maybe it’s just the Asian chicks where I’m at. But yeah, I’m an equal-opportunity babe watcher. You show me a hot looking chick, I’ll show you a guy who doesn’t give a shit what race, creed, color or national orgin she is. God bless the 21st century, where human cultures can finally come together and merge back into the Borg collective.