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A Letter from the Octo-Mom

Apparently the lady who dropped out 8 babies recently looks a lot like Angelina Jolie, who also happens to have a lot of children.  News outlets like CNN are claiming that the Octo-Mom, who’s name is Nadya, is somehow obsessed with Angelina Jolie.  First of all, I would kill to have a nickname as cool as "Octo-Mom".  That just sounds badass.  Secondly, we managed to intercept a letter from the Octo-Mom to Angelina Jolie, and it’s pretty clear from the letter that they’re just really good friends.  We’ve decided to post the letter so that you can see for yourself:

12 Responses to "A Letter from the Octo-Mom"

  1. krucz says:

    dude, you’re an idiot.

  2. George W. Bush says:

    illegal immigrants are helpful they
    provide almost slavelike savings
    for business owners, send some more

  3. Rap Music says:

    Shit this is funny … now this chic is begging for money on the web … sheesh

  4. Anonymous says:

    I Like Boobs

  5. barefoot jim says:

    Persionally, I like “Octopussy” better than “Octo-Mom.” But that’s just me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why are people all bent out of shape about this women? Who cares? She’s not even a grain of sand on a welfare beach. And who cares if we have to take care of children? What are our options? Let the children starve? Take the children away? Forced sterilization? Its a free effing country, this women is entitled to have the shit out of babies if she wants. Such a country of haters. I hate haters.

  7. A Non a Moose says:

    Well since the kids were created in a lab by a doctor I say that they should be terminated in a lab by a mad scientist. This is a free country to do as we please, shit lets all just make irresponsible decisions and let our neighbors pay for it… Oh but that is what all you cocksuckers in Cali do… just like this housing thing… It was started with all you greedy ass fucks. I talked to a lady the other day applying for credit for restaurant equipment b/c she was opening up herself a Church’s chicken… well wouldn’t you know it i look on her credit report and she is 3 months behind on her credit. I asked her why she was opening a business if she cannot afford to make her house payment. She said she could afford it but she was just looking to have her loan adjusted. I was floored. I mean so what your property has dropped 30%. You made a fucking investment and it didn’t work out yet give it some time. Don’t make the people in other state pay for your bad investment. Needless to say I told her to get fucking lost. I think we should tell this lady to get fucking lost too. She found a way to pay for the fertility clinic maybe now she should find a way to pay for those kids. Worse thing of all the kids will end up the main loser in this whole situation. Like Tool said “Learn to swim!”

  8. Pratik says:

    I like how California taxpayers might have to foot the bill for the care of all eight of this bitch’s spawn.

  9. TADA. says:

    couple millions of illegal immigrants children plus eight!

  10. Anonymous says:

    No he right and not an idiot. At least this women has paid taxes in the past its a fact that california spends over three hundred billion dollars on illegal immigrants.

  11. blackstrat says:

    Dear Octo-Mom,