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Letters to Annoying People on Halloween

When someone says "Halloween", we think of three things: costumes, candy, and really annoying a-holes that do stupid things and ruin Halloween for the rest of us.  Here are some letters written to those a-holes:


21 Responses to "Letters to Annoying People on Halloween"

  1. John says:

    Would this qualify for a modified “shit pants treatment”… see how to hook up with a bridesmaid.

  2. Michael says:

    and i bet u like twilight too paul right?

  3. Marionette says:

    Nosferatu was epic, but not sexy. :|

  4. Wolf Pack of 1 says:

    The last one had me shitting my pants laughing

  5. doodoosticc says:

    “frantically trying o clean doo doo out of my pants with a stick” THATS AN INSTANTCLASSIC OMG LMAO

  6. Penis Penis Penis nom nom nom says:

    i like turtles

  7. The Meh Guy says:


  8. CaptainHowdy79 says:

    Don’t forget the douchebag who gives out toothbrushes.

  9. Steve says:

    Lots of laughs, thanks guys.
    HOLY TACO RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. O Squiggly Line says:

    A STICK, dude!!

  11. Paul says:

    I like candy corn

  12. office jerk says:

    well played ht

  13. boop de doop says:

    That vampire one at the end gave me a good laugh.

  14. Vigilantsky says:

    They last one was so funny I could not stop laughing

  15. P says:

    LOL, this was a good one HT

  16. asdasdasd says:

    more of this font designed to look like handwriting. you aren’t fooling anyone and you know you aren’t.

  17. HT Fan says:

    You forgot to add the people who give out religous phamphlets. Those people piss me off….

  18. Awesomer than awesome says:

    Laughed throughout! A+

  19. Stick says:

    I hate the slutty costume shit, on anyone. It’s almost as bad as the ‘cute’ Halloween stuff I see around town. (As in, they’ll have a ghost, but it’ll be wearing sneakers.)

  20. trimao says:

    so true

  21. Jigsaw says:

    these letters should be left next to flaming bags of dog shit on the porches of the people they are about.