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Letters to Annoying People

There are some stupid people out there who annoy everyone. Unfortunately, we can’t get to every single one of them individually to tell them how annoying they are, so we decided to do it the old fashioned way: by writing 7 letters to the most annoying people on earth. If you know any of these people, feel free to pass the letter along.

There are some people out there who annoy everyone. Unfortunately, we can’t get to every single one of them individually to tell them how annoying they are, so we decided to do it the old fashioned way: by writing 7 letters to the most annoying people on earth. If you know any of these people, feel free to pass the letter along.


28 Responses to "Letters to Annoying People"

  1. Brent says:

    And those are the Mexicans that can speak reasonable English. I know, I’ve worked and had to speak to them before.

  2. John says:

    i know what you mean with the ignorant immigrant letter i used to work at autozone in texas so about 1/4 of the customers were mexican and for some reason despite me being one of the whitest people in texas (no really all my friends point it out to me) they think i can speak spanish so they come up to me and say as fast as they can that they need some overly complicated part because something or another is wrong with their car and its all in spanish i know enough spanish to say i dont know much spanish and when i do they start talking in english fluently so yes i agree with you that they are just lazy and need to learn the fact that people in an english speaking country will speak english

  3. <3 says:

    Next time You go buy something to eat
    check who’s making your food (of course Mexicans)

    Fckn idiots.

  4. Brent says:

    So basically, I’ve seen everyone yell at Pratik because he would like people LIVING (Keyword there) in our country to try and learn some English. That makes sense and it was already stated, if I were to move to Japan I’d certainly make an effort to learn some Japanese. I live in Jersey and I’ve actually walked through a section of Jersey City where every shop sign was in only Spanish and the people only spoke Spanish. This is unacceptable and if they don’t want to integrate into our country, then honestly they should be removed.

  5. Camel Tao says:

    People is already plural so peoples’ is incorrect. It’s people’s. Additionally, since it is plural, face should be faces.

    Her face.
    Their faces.

    Learn English yourself you ignorant hick.

  6. Opie says:

    Pratik – If your foreign-born ancestors ever ventured out of their ethnic ghettos to buy goods, I’m sure they struggled too. First generation immigrants are like that sometimes, deal with it. Just because you don’t speak ‘espaneesh’ like some of your higher paid, educated coworkers who give a damn, doesn’t necessarily mean that your dick is that much smaller.

  7. pratik says:

    Yup… when I worked at Circuit City, I always wanted to shoot a bazooka in peoples’ face when they came in and didn’t know English. And guess what, it’s always Mexicans. Everyone around the world can learn English: Asians, South Americans, Africans (I mean people FROM Africa, not black people born here), people from all over Europe, etc. But for Mexicans, it’s always the same… “no habla englisssssss…”

  8. clubf00t says:

    o ya man always Mexicans.. im from NY but i moved to Alabama lat year and immigrant city, and 1/4 don’t know English like WTF at least learn some English if ur gona live here. but instead they look at me like im the asshole because i dont know Spanish. ya it sucks and thats y im kind-of racist/prejudice

  9. clubf00t says:


  10. Ms Pérez says:

    I totally get what you are saying, but there are many Mexicans who learn English. I understand that people who decide to move to this country must learn this country’s language, but not everyone is capable of learning other languages; overall those people who are ignorant and can’t even speak their own language correctly. However, there are also people who are capable of learning multiple languages, which makes me wonder how many languages you can speak.

  11. pratik says:

    That was a very well-written yet pointless paragraph. Learn the language if you’re going to live in a different country… end of discussion.

    It doesn’t matter how many languages I know as long as I am speaking the correct one for the country I’m living in. If I live in France, I’ll learn French. If I live in Japan, I’ll learn Japanese. If I live in Mexico, I’ll learn drugdealerese.

  12. Zyanya says:

    Ok, when it comes to overly detailed stuff it hard for people who speak English as a second language to communicate. I agree with the letter that learning to ask for a coffee is a basic thing. However, when I go to foreign countries NO ONE expect me to be able to converse fluently (merely be able to get basic concepts out). People come to America out of desperation and aren’t going to learn how to speak techy bullshit just to go buy a camera. I DON’T communicate well at circut city and I speak English fluently. Isn’t a bazooka overkill? Shouldn’t just inform them you don’t speak Spanish and find someone who does? Anyway, you reaction is probably not that helpful to anyone.

  13. Bob Barker says:


  14. Kristin says:

    ROFL. Respect, brother.

  15. Brougham says:


  16. Happy Gilmore says:

    You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?

  17. DonkeyXote says:

    Hey buddy! Guess what, I drink piss every morning and fucking love it! So fuck you Taco, fuck you!

  18. Shooter McGavin says:

    I eat pieces of shit for breakfast.

  19. Holla says:


  20. Holla says:


  21. Carlos says:

    This is about the “speak english” letter. I´m aware that if you want to hear english, you´re right, obviously being in your english spoken country. In fact it should be obliged.
    In the other hand if you visit for instance, Spain, don´t expect everybody is going to speak English (that´s a pity), but respect it and don´t complain about the poor level of English. If you do, you´re being a chauvinist.

    Sorry for my bad English LOL ;)

    “Y póngame un café, por favor”

  22. jethro says:


  23. Carcass says:

    i hate when they judge all mexicans just for what wetbacks do, yet i cant complain cause in fact they are mexicans, all i can say is MOST of those immigrants are people that were too lazy or ignorant to work here, or they want people to give them everything without even working, if we dont “help” them then they just go to america and do the same thing, the funny thing is most of them come back to mexico speaking english but they ignore you if you talk to them in spanish, as if they had forgotten the language.
    All i can say is please dont judge all mexicans just because of immigrants, just like we dont judge americans for what tourists do on springbreaks -.-

  24. Jo Diggs says:

    ROTFL, thats priceless dude. Well done.


  25. Anonymos says:

    fuck you taco writers, “most pathetic people” because they take the bus? fuck you

  26. justin says:
    No. They’re not pathetic/crazy BECAUSE they take the bus. That’s just the preferred method of transportation for pathetic/crazy people.
  27. becca says:

    hilarious!!!!! i love it. i’ve wanted to strangle many a lost fan

  28. 00kla the M0k says:

    I fap to Lady Gaga. She has sweet legs. I am alarmed to discover that this might make me gay. I am also alarmed to discover that she is a singer.

    Bus drivers don’t bother me. They drive pretty well around here. Its the fuckers that ride it that bug the shit outta me. Theres always someone on board that urgently wants to reveal how idiotic they are. I know this ’cause I rode the bus for a year. Yes, I am a fucker.

    Lost is a well made show but I hafta agree that water cooler chat vultures are red-lining the annoying category.

    I’m all too familiar with the asshole that wants to carve out a niche for himself so he can be regarded as “quirky-cute” be it Chipotle fever or aggressively claiming a certain animal identity. Naturally occurring instances of this are sometimes ok. Its like the difference between having a nickname and GIVING YOURSELF one.

    I don’t care about excuses. Everyone can learn a few words very quickly that can get you around. We only think its mostly the Mexicans ’cause there is a higher percentage of them than other foreigners. Theres always a dickweed that spoils it for the rest of the essey’s.

    Throw 5 pennies into the street to distract the hobbo long enough to kick him into traffic.

    Only fat chicks always talk like babies. ’nuff said.