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Lindsay Lohan Is A Bi-Sexual

Today Lindsay Lohan told Usmagazine that she is in fact, bi-sexual.  If you’re wondering how this will affect your life, it probably won’t.  But personally, it’s going to affect my life.  Specifically, it’s probably going to affect the scenario I create in my head the next time I jerk off.  In order to show you how it might, I’ve gone ahead and written a script of said scenario.  I’m looking for a studio to give me some funding.


9 Responses to "Lindsay Lohan Is A Bi-Sexual"

  1. justin says:
    I hate being a Chargers fan.  I’m not even going to make a joke about it.  I fucking hate it.
  2. Nick says:

    Wow, simply amazing. I do hope you actually wrote that on a typewriter and then scanned in the paper. Ahh, fuck it. I’ll shoot the porno if you ever get the funding.

  3. This was surprisingly arousing. I tried to make it all the way through, but nutted at the mention of the Chargers winning a Super Bowl.

  4. Pratik says:

    Scene 2 should have Al Pacino walk in with a subpoena and when you ask why you even got involved with this operation in the first place, Al Pacino points to Yasmine Bleethe (when she was still hot) and roars “Because she’s got A GREAT ASS!!!”

    Ferocious, aren’t I?

  5. Hooligan says:

    Good, I’m glad I’m not the only one that nuts at the thought of the Chargers winning the superbowl…uuuhhhhggghhhhh….

  6. Anonymous says:

    If you want to know true misery you should try being a Saints fan. Maybe we’ll see a Saints/Chargers Super Bowl in the next couple of decades.

  7. ballashotcalla says:

    How much Funding are we talking here?!?!? Can you imagine the amount of money you’d rake in. Those two whores are desperate for money anyhow. The biggest expense would be the Special effects and the Pool of Nacho Cheese.

  8. Barbarossa says:

    I LIKE her freckles… -_-