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Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Wants TV Show

This is what happens when you give Paula Abdul her own TV show.  Suddenly everybody asks for one and lazy executives say okay because reading scripts is annoying.  It’s like when one dog starts eating a pile of shit at the dog park; suddenly the other dogs see and assume it’s delicious and join in.   Then the lazy owners stand around shouting out their dog’s name in between turning to the other owners and saying “Bubbles never does this.”  Anyway, Page Six reports:

Lindsay Lohan’s Bible-thumping father has slammed his ex-wife, Dina, for her reality show “Living Lohan,” in which she features their youngest daughter, Ali.
But it turns out he’s got his own show he’s trying to sell. “He wants to do a male version of ‘The View’ with [fellow born-again pal] Stephen Baldwin. It’s not likely to happen.”

He wants to do a male view?  I could be down for that.  But I don’t want him or the fat Baldwin on it.  I think the female view has a good formula.  Let’s follow theirs.  We need four people like this:

  • A person who’s out of their f-ing mind and repeats phrases like “this is what I’m sayin” over and over again, even though were not sure what they’re referencing they said.
  • An old “journalist” with saggy genitalia
  • A washed up comedian who’s freakishly ugly
  • A complete idiot that’s attractive enough for the opposite sex to stare at when they start off sentences with “Here’s what I think…”

Without further ado, my Male View:

2 Responses to "Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Wants TV Show"

  1. Seth says:

    There was already a male version of the view, and i’m pretty sure it got cancelled. It had the alcoholic wife beater from the partrige family.