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Lindsay Lohan’s (Latest) Day in Prison

Lindsay Lohan found herself incarcerated again, which obviously isn’t a surprise as she’s in prison about as often as there are screams in Gary Busey’s head.  Even though celebs never seem to spend much time behind bars in a single visit, LiLo’s visits are adding up and she must be making a name for herself.  With that in mind, let’s check out some pics of how she spends her time when she is in the Big House;

Lindsay started her day in the clink by modeling her tats for some friends.  Hey, is T-Bag taking too close a look?  Better stick him with a shiv!  Ha ha, charming!

After getting reacquainted with her old gang, Lindsay has to go to work – it’s time to pick up trash while a screw watches closely.  nobody make a run for it or else it’s an sas full of buckshot you dirty felons!

After work it’s time for chow with Red and the others. Everyone keeps asking Lindsay for her poster of Rita Hayworth.   Lindsay has to act surprised because why would anyone want that poster?

After lunch, Lindsay joins a group of Filipinos and performs Thriller to relax, because why the hell wouldn’t this happen in a prison?

After a tough day of felonious time wasting, Lindsay hits the showers with the other guys.  Hey, Ed Norton, are you a Neo-Nazi?  That’s not culturally sensitive!

And then, of course, after five hours she was released on bail so she could get back to not being cast in movies and living her stable, healthy life.  Good for her!

3 Responses to "Lindsay Lohan’s (Latest) Day in Prison"

  1. Wilford Brimley's Monkey says:

    “nobody make a run for it or else it’s an as full of buckshot you dirty felons!”


  2. morterforker says:

    i’d pimp her out for two cigarettes & a hustler magazine.