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Link Time 12/22/08

‘Tis the Season to Get Laid (coedmagazine)
Lohan’s Muff Will Make You a Millionaire (hollywoodtuna)
Alicia Keys Does Gross Things on Vacation (celebslam)
How to Defend Yourself with a Candy Cane (asylum)
Forget Turkey this Xmas…Go for Pork (totallycrap)
20 Most Ridiculous Batman Comics (cracked)
28 Sexiest Films of 2008 (screenjunkies)
Beaker Sings Ode to Joy (manofest)
Remember When Smoking was Cool? (funtasticus)
Also, Watch This Skater Miss a Rooftop Jump

2 Responses to "Link Time 12/22/08"

  1. Pete Wentz says:

    what about the greatest Emo Christmas celebration ever http://tinyurl.com/6poz6v

  2. kigol says:

    the skater link is wrong

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