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Link Time

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One Response to "Link Time"

  1. Pratik says:

    They need to make a “If all movies had World of Warcraft in them” movie clip.

    1. Bruce Almighty – Bruce gets the page to call God’s number but he just puts it on silent because he’s busy farming gold, and remains a depressed loser the rest of his life. Grace leaves him and marries Evan.

    2. Matrix – Neo is asleep at his computer while AFK in a WoW battleground and gets the “Wake up Neo… follow the white rabbit” message on his screen. So he just resets the computer and logs back into WoW. He remains Thomas Anderson and humanity remains in cyberslavery.

    3. Fight Club – the narrator starts to play WoW to pass the time that his insomnia forces upon him, instead of faking his way through group therapy for those with terminal diseases. He creates a character named Jack and always speaks in the first person when chatting with other people on WoW. This “Jack” character replaces what Tyler Durden’s existence would have been, and therefore society’s men remain pussified… pumping gas and waiting tables.

    4. Home Alone – Kevin plays WoW all through Christmas vacation while gorging on cheese pizza and chugging milk, and is robbed and possibly killed by Harry and Marv.

    5. The Girl Next Door – Matthew is too busy playing WoW to stare at Danielle through his bedroom window. They don’t notice each other at all and never cross paths. And he most likely doesn’t win the Georgetown scholarship either.