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Link Time

5 Fun Ways To Ruin Your Life (coedmagazine)
Rachel Stevens in Lingerie in FHM (hollywoodtuna)
Being a Famous Lesbian Is Hard (celebslam)
Stonehenge: Prehistoric Night Club? (asylum)
Motorcycle Stunt Guy Crashes Hard (totallycrap)
Some Asian Auto Show Babes (funtasticus)
How 5 Everyday Businesses Rip You Off (cracked)
A Badass Ninja Training Video (screenjunkies)
The Amazing Flying Man (collegehumor)

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Link Time

Discarded electronics are full of gold (asylum)

Dodger fan wastes beer on Red Sox fan (busted coverage)

Sarah Match Maxim Russia (camel tap)

Petra Nemcova is an attractive woman (double viking)

Rumored Shakira sex tape? (tastybooze)

Volvo cars are loud (complex)

Muppet Bloopers (college Humor)

Who doesn’t love Suzanne Stokes? Who?! (hornyoyster)

10 best videos of hot chicks being spanked (Unibrow)

3 Responses to "Link Time"

  1. mike says:

    my name is brak!

  2. Mr. Balls says:

    Damn that is a hot bikini!

  3. jonze says:

    chick is slammin! thank god I live in LA and I see this everyday!