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Link Time 1/9/09

How to Be Your Own Evil Twin (coedmagazine)
In Five Years Amanda Bynes Will Be Super Trashy (hollywoodtuna)
Amy Winehouse: Terrorist Target (celebslam)
Sarah Palin Decides to Talk Some Sh*t (popcrunch)
Axe Body Spray Actually Works (asylum)
Great White Shark Dissection (totallycrap)
6 Baffling Old-School Video Game Commercials (cracked)
Gruesome Last House on the Left Trailer (screenjunkies)
iCrap (funtasticus)
Alex Trebek Impersonates a Strobe Light (gigglesugar)
 Also, we can’t resist a video called Pregnant Ghetto Fight at Chuck E. Cheese
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Link Time

Who hates cell phone noise? (asylum)

Jim Furyk hits an amazing shot (busted coverage)

I didn’t realize Subarus were this bad ass (Camel Tap)

Celebrity Bikini Watch: Sienna Miller (Double Viking)

Nintendo Lite (complex)

Taser chair (tastybooze)

Suzanne Stokes likes her red bikini (hornyoyster)

Here’s what a 480 meal buys you (food marathon)

Abbey Clancy is something else indeed (coedmagazine)

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  1. Nude_cripple says:

    Does anyone like handicap nudes?

  2. Harjo says:

    About half of the subaru video was of Ken Block… founder of DC shoes and rally racer.