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Link Time

5 Ways to Mess with a Telephone Pet Psychic (coedmagazine)
Did You Know Megan Fox Has Boobs? (hollywoodtuna)
John Mayer is an Idiot (celebslam)
Get Chicks with Soccer Tricks (bustedcoverage)
Richard Simmon Shows Us How to Vaginisize (thedailyfix)
Amy Winehouse is a Talented Pisser (celebrityvine)
Intelligence = Great Sperm (asylum)
Cat Pranks! (totallycrap)
20 80′s Cartoon Babes that Ushered Us Into Manhood (cracked)
Golden Globes Photo Recap (screenjunkies)
Ger Married at Taco Bell (gigglesugar)
Chicks With Guns (funtasticus)
Plus, a Huge Biker Brawl with the coppers!
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Link Time

The Rza loves chess (asylum)

Allison Stokke embargo has been lifted (busted coverage)

Catalina Murino is found to be attractive by me (Camel Tap)

Arm wrestling + Tetris = Trestling (complex)

8 reasons not to pay your taxes (Double Viking)

Can you say Irina Voronina? (hornyoyster)

10 greatest moments in p&*%y punch history (unibrow)

Who doesn’t love gymnastics gone wrong? (tasty booze)

Anyone who’s from California already knew this (coedmagazine)

This is pretty damned accurate (College Humor)

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