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Link Time

AMAZING footage of a snake eating an entire deer (I-Am-Bored)

POV of a guy stuck in class (college humor)

Gheorghe Muresan is a big celebrity (busted coverage)

Bianca Deacy is brand new and smoking hot (camel tap)

Top 5 Ben Stiller Show skits (coedmagazine)

Obama playing basketball (doubleviking)

I love the people’s court (tastybooze)

Bar Rafaeli in black and white (hornyoyster)

Grand Theft Auto IV gives handjobs (Unibrow)

How to smuggle in alcohol to the Kentucky Derby (foggy monocle)

One Response to "Link Time"

  1. Eli says:

    Holy fucking shit. The ‘POV of a guy stuck in class’ explains my every class.. If only I could have dreams like that, and not nightmares with rosie O’Donnell naked, which causes me to scream\cry.