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Link Time

Ah, to be a Detroit Lions fan (bustedcoverage)
Playboy looking for student writer (coedmagazine)
10 least subtle product placements in video game history (cracked)
Why pilgrims have hats (collegehumor)
Rihanna has nice breasts (drunkenstepfather)
Kim Catrall is nude (hollywoodtuna)
Headline of the day (gigglesugar)
Soccer practice (i-am-bored)
Ad agency sex video (asylum)
A sexy goodbye of Entourage (screenjunkies)

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Link Time

Celtics fan makes good on bet with Lakers fan (bustedcoverage)

Extreme wine commercial (college humor)

Lauren Thompson of ASU wins cheerleader showdown (coedmagazine)

Melanie Brown’s breasts for ultimo (hollywood tuna)

Jana Peterson for Ralph Australia (camel tap)

Race horse throws jockey of his back mid-race (double viking)

Cat calling workers get busted (hornyoyster)

13 bizarre killer diseases transmitted by animals (i-am-bored)

This is difficult to look at (tasty booze)

Sultry Sylvia (weak game)

Making 115,000 dollars in 15 minutes

Is Kimbo Slice the best heavy weight fighter?

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  1. Pratik says:

    The kid running on the field was pretty sweet. Reminds me of that Chris Hanson parody where the predator dude runs off after getting away all from the cops.