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Link Time

Seahawks suck, but their cheerleaders don’t (bustedcoverage)
Turkey leg porn (coedmagazine)
25 best ways to break bad news (cracked)
Your cute college girl of the day (collegehumor)
Beyonce in a unitard (hollywoodtuna)
Wow.  Just, wow.  (gigglesugar)
12 sex lessons from late night movies (screenjunkies)
A compilation of slow motion (i-am-bored)
Naps are good for the brain (asylum)
11 facts about Thanksgiving traditions (11points)

2 Responses to "Link Time"

  1. Douchebag Counter says:

    The gigglesugar link takes users to hollywoodtuna’s 2008 version of Ricki Lake. Please fix.

  2. Joe says:

    “Seahawks suck, but their cheerleaders don’t (bustedcoverage)”

    Wouldn’t we hope their cheerleaders suck?

Link Time


Lakers vs. Celtics on the tube (busted coverage)

Dita Von Teese in Maxim Germany (camel tap)

Steven Colbert’s graduation speech to princeton (college humor)

The Obama Pound (coedmagazine)

Japanese comedian impersonates Chucky (double viking)

When album sleeves come to life (i-am-bored)

Tiffany Mulheron (hornyoyster)

Mother of the year goes to (tastybooze)

Baby vs. Dog (weak game)

Be your own butcher and save!

Quintin Jackson on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Sad news, just got word that Brooke Marks, the taco belle this week passed away yesterday.