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Link Time

Sometimes pictures are taken at the right time (bustedcoverage)
5 real bank heists ripped off from movies (cracked)
Miss Coed: Tanja Dexters is very very attractive (coedmagazine)
40 inspirational speeches in 2 minutes (collegehumor)
Lindsay Lohan gets into the wrong car (drunkenstepfather)
Playboy College Girl doesn’t mind the cold  (uncoached)
Audrina Patridge new bikini pictures (hollywoodtuna)
KFC employees play in the KFC sink (iambored)
Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are really stupid (celebslam)
Who wants to see some hot zelda chicks? (totallycrap)
Man sprays teens with fox urine.  nice.  (asylum)
EW’s ten best scripts that never went produced (screenjunkies)
It’s a mallet exploding accident.  That’s enough for you.  (nothing toxic)
Holly Weber is simply fantasticly hot.  (beatsandbombs)

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  1. dontmatta says:

    nice links as usual

Link Time

Fresno State shows how to cut a skullet (busted coverage)

Realistic sex scene (college humor)

Pam Anderson does Radar (drunkenstepfather)

Dude waxing: Celebrities are doing it, are you? (coedmagazine)

Hilary Duff’s boob watch continues (hollywoodtuna)

Mini Me sex tape has surfaced (i-am-bored)

Sinus infection my ass (dlisted)

Can offshore drilling lower gas prices?

The AFL is financed by fairy dust, gypsy tears

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