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Lisa Marie Scott

Where You’ve Seen Her: Lisa Marie Scott has had a pretty random life.  Starting as a ballet dancer, she then moved into acting on various TV shows and then decided to go to law school.  After law school, she went into modeling and has made the covers of various magazines ever since.
Pointless Quote: "One man’s dream…is another man’s lunch."
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6 Responses to "Lisa Marie Scott"

  1. Buddy Ice says:

    Her pussy probably tastes like the metal from a stripper pole, rich man’s sperm, and skittles.

    Where do I sign up?

  2. Pratik says:

    What if a man’s dream is to eat her out like a lunchtime bowl of stew?

    HA! I have you now.

  3. CartmansFather says:

    I’m so glad she isn’t a lawyer.

  4. thanxxx so soo sexy

  5. okinawa marine says:

    I know it sounds crazy but i live in okinawa japan and there are some whore houses in the area and theres one girl i have not been able to get out of my mind when i asked her for her name she said lisa she acted like she didnt speak english but she understood me very well my mind is blown when i see pictures of lisa marie scott because see looks exactly like the girl i fucked at the whore house every part of her body from her head to her toes looks exactly the same it scary i know it sounds retarded but its to much of a qwinsidance… i need to go back

  6. wow now this is a thing of beauty, and her pointless quote is somehow sexy I don’t have any Idea why but the lunch word makes me think of her…