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The Long, Sturdy Arm of the Law

14 Responses to "The Long, Sturdy Arm of the Law"

  1. Gbaby says:

    Stupid nigger deserved it.

  2. No Commies Allowed says:

    What does it say about Holy Taco’s writing recently that this video is actually the funniest shit they’ve posted in over a week?

  3. Insomnia79 says:

    Was the pig outta line for punching the bitch, yea.. was the bitch outta line for arguing with the pig to “get the hell off of me!” yea.. Being black OR being a female doesnt give your ass any special privleges. You start arguing with a pig and resisting, your gonna get it. Sorry, dont feel sorry for this cunt.. I woulda socked her myself.

  4. Anonymous1 says:

    Mouthy bitch had it coming. I would have done the same.

  5. JustinQ says:

    I wonder how much would it cost to stage a racially polarizing videotaped event like this? And what would be the purpose?

  6. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    The bitch should just be glad he didn’t taze her.


  7. Sirdrinks says:


  8. anal_destruktor says:

    way to keep a bitch in check ! this pig keeps a strong pimp hand

  9. pratik says:

    Maybe they should’ve had decaf Koolaid that morning. Could’ve avoided a nice shiner.

  10. Ben Affleck says:

    Are we supposed to be all offended at police brutality? Cop had it in his right to lay out some beatin’ here. Don’t want to get punched in the face by a cop? Don’t fuck with the cop. You or anyone in your party. In that heated situation a push can be perceived as an attempt to grab his gun. You’re lucky you only got punched.

  11. Jimmy Kimmel says:

    bitch deserved it

  12. Silky Smooth says:

    Homie is just keeping his pimp hand strong.

  13. BLACKY says:

    damn right, bitch needs to learn her place!

  14. orifice jerkoff says:

    the bystanders were just shocked he didn’t ask where his money be first