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Looks Like It’s Frozen


27 Responses to "Looks Like It’s Frozen"

  1. Pimpstat says:

    It’s funny that she’s in Walmart

  2. Donkey? OK! says:

    I’d love to take a good whiff of that methane air and I bet she’s one of those girls that has a kink to their farts.

    I’m gonna go boil an egg, peal it and leave it on my desk without the A/C on. It’s gonna be sweet.

  3. DonkeySogay says:

    My fat wife will often consume a box of laxatives, then shart in my mouth. My two-inch peener can’t get enough.

  4. Anonymous- says:

    Yeah… totally stolen from peopleofwalmart.com Can’t you guys get your own pics?

  5. Anonymau5 says:

    Looks like it’s been building up for a while!

  6. Ductape says:

    Fat people are disgusting

  7. Bob Sapp says:

    Simply charming….

  8. Nothing says:

    Totally awesome! Way to steal your content HolyTaco.com


  9. Justin Whtoe says:

    Wow, now THERE is a scary thought!


  10. Captain Obvious says:

    Hey, I can buy a pink shirt for $11. Yay!

  11. Donkey? OK! says:

    I’d tongue those cracks and crevices, do you know how bitter-sweet dead skin cells are?

  12. Barn Door says:

    A warning for her farts is kinda pointless. The cracks and crevices of her fat folds that she can’t reach to clean probably smell far worse than her farts.

  13. tripod says:

    you’re into fat chicks?

  14. Greatness says:

    She ain’t no fat bitch she’s just quite volomptuous and luciously full of suprises!

  15. Greatness says:

    Just my kind of lady kind and courteous!!!

  16. Dirk Diggler says:

    That’s fucking gross

  17. Couriers says:


  18. couriers dad says:

    you came in third just like i did to your mouth your ass and finally your ear

  19. AyrAyr says:

    Got trolled dude!

  20. pale white guy says:

    lame for holytaco.com, expected for peopleofwalmart.com

  21. mr derp says:

    That’s because it was stolen from that site:

  22. Mr. Beaner says:

    That’s A Dumb Fucking Shirt.

  23. pratik says:

    Well at least you get a warning.

  24. Rip Lode says:

    Yes, before she forcibly sits on your face = http://bit.ly/clNbbd

  25. God's left nut says:


  26. Office Jerk says:

    she better cut down on the whipped cream and doughnuts.

  27. Dwight Schrute says:

    She better cut down on life.