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The Lost Finale Drinking Game

The series finale of Lost airs on Sunday, and fan excitement levels are at a boiling point. Luckily, we’ve come up with a way for you to simultaneously relieve your anxiety and get completely wasted: The Lost Finale Drinking Game!

For those who can’t figure out this relatively simple concept, see the instructions after the jump!


12 Responses to "The Lost Finale Drinking Game"

  1. Ciao says:

    I thought the statue had 6 toes?

  2. bobby says:


  3. GoFuckYourself says:

    Can we make a slight edit on the squares? Just one of them. Make it a “flashback to Kate’s hardcore porn days!” If they’re gonna wake up from a fucking dream I want it to at least be my fucking dream.

  4. GoFuckYourself says:

    Oh, and big FAP to her old livelinks add.

  5. Jamie King says:

    How am I going to play this game correctly if I’m already drunk???

    Check out this EPIC, HILARIOUS “LOST” parody: http://blog.digitalfuntown.com/dft-blog/2010/5/23/the-ultimate-lost-parody.html

  6. The Masshole says:

    That’s easy you fahking cunt! You’re not supposed to be playing on the fahking intahnet, now get back into the fahking kitchen and make me some fahking clam chowdah!

  7. CJ Da Rillest Gangsta says:

    Dis is sum strait up bullshiyet

  8. Jo Dean says:

    LOL, does anyone actually watch that show?


  9. Tim Winter, President of the PTC says:

    Gosh darn it, CBS should just change the name of the show to “Things My Adoring Father Says”!

    Now, who wants to help me remove this gigantic stick that appears to be lodged deep within my ass?

    Anyone but DonkeyXote, please!

  10. Carmine Fuccabutto says:

    Worst one so far eh ? Cazzatta HT !

  11. Bill Clinton says:

    The show is on ABC not CBS and the last square has it correct.

  12. Tim Winter, President of the PTC says:

    You clearly did not get the joke. Way to be ‘that guy’.