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Luis Prada’s 10 Best Articles of 2011

Best Of 2011

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year!

According to WordPress, I wrote somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 articles this year, give or take some posts that don’t really qualify as articles and some articles that I would rather forget about. Thankfully, I’ve written enough articles that I’m proud of to fill out this list of ten.

I started with 47 articles that I thought were my best and then whittled that down to the ten presented here. Some were loved by many and shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Stumble Upon by hundreds and thousands, in some cases. Others were liked by me and only me.

Hey, this is my top 10 list, not yours. And these aren’t necessarily my best articles of 2011; mostly just my personal favorites. And they’re listed in no particular order. Or maybe it’s a very specific order that, when decrypted, unlocks the location to a hidden treasure. It’s not, though. I’m very sorry for getting your hopes up.

So, have a happy and safe New Year, and I hope to continue to entertain you while you’re bored at work throughout 2012. Or until the world ends. Whichever comes first.

Thanks a lot, Mayans.

Heat vs Bulls, NBA Eastern Conference Finals: An Existential Breakdown of the Match Up

Newest Real Estate Listing From Abbottabad, Pakistan

Crayola’s Multicultural Crayons: Too PC, or Who Cares?

Timeline of The Glorious Feminist Movement

Product Review: Ron de Jeremy, The Rum By Porn Legend Ron Jeremy

Attention Shoppers: Stop Smearing Your Buttholes on the Shopping Carts. Thank You.

Fleshlight Releases Four Fake Vaginas Inspired By Movie Monsters, Just In Time For Halloween

World’s Largest Sperm Bank No Longer Accepting Sperm From Redheads; No One Wants Ginger Babies

It’s That Time of Year When We Make Our Politicians Eat Phallic Foods

Dear Nature: Make The Giant Weta Not Exist Anymore. Please.

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