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MacGruber Photobombs

Our corporate overlords at Break are having a MacGruber Photobomb Contest. You can either dress up as MacGruber, print out a tiny MacGruber, or (our favorite) photoshop MacGruber into an existing picture. Think you can beat our entries? Send your submissions to macgruberphotocontest@break.com. We’re including a pre-cropped MacGruber at the end of this post, so get to work!

Here’s the cropped MacGruber, and your welcome for making your life a little bit easier. Check out the contest details here and email your submissions to macgruberphotocontest@break.com!

10 Responses to "MacGruber Photobombs"

  1. Kacy says:

    What would you rather see: Another 3D movie, or Macgruber? http://bit.ly/b9lEqz

  2. Macgrufirst says:


  3. DungSniffer says:

    OH OH Justin Beiber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap ahhhhhhhh Spooge on you face!!!
    Now sing me a song while you girgle! ummm Yes yes you like it NOW CRAP IN MY MOUTH!
    GAGAGAGAGAGAG Get a cup.

  4. john wayne says:

    i uploaded mine, do we get notified if it gets posted?

  5. pratik says:

    Ya, they promise to send you a prize pack which never arrives.

  6. caseyo says:
    Actually we are not in charge of this contest so the prizes will definitely get sent out.
  7. Ring YToyo says:

    ROTFL, that Fruity Pebbles thing is just too dang funny.


  8. Holy Taco Exclusive says:

    Hey, what happened to my MacGruber photobombs? I wasn’t going to submit them to Break, since they were really just inside jokes amongst the Holy Taco community, so why’d you guys remove the links?

  9. justin says:
    You posted the same two pics five times. We left up one set. If you want to post links to DIFFERENT pics, go for it! Just don’t post the same two over and over.
  10. justin says:
    Also, MacGruber is standing on her left…right?