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Macs: They Never Crash


23 Responses to "Macs: They Never Crash"

  1. Shane says:

    I actually work as an IT professional at a university and in my experience PC causes far less headaches for me than Mac. Mac is much easier to do simple tasks on, but when it comes to simple troubleshooting when they actually do break down they are a pain in the ass to fix. Oh yeah, also I once had a Mac actually spontaneously burst into a plume of smoke (mind you nobody in the room was using it) never had a PC do that.

  2. Cytrode says:

    Macs are really easier to upgrade than normal PCs.

    With a PC, you have to take out the parts, put in new parts.. that’s not even mentioning how long it takes to open and close the case.

    With Macs, you just buy a whole new computer.(Though some Macs have decided to act like computers and allow for upgrades… just redonkulously expensive.)

  3. Anonymous says:

    it is just running it’s windows screen saver

  4. Anonymous says:

    MACs are for GAYs!!

  5. ... says:

    well that would happen to be graphis error or broken screen, not a crash

  6. Sgt. CornedBeefRuben says:

    Am I correct in understanding your comment that you believe all the picture shows is a computer screen? Mmmhmm, I’m just going to bask in the glorious rays of retardation.

  7. Anonymous says:

    As I see it anyway that entire mac looks like all it is, is a screen so have fun explaining how a broken screen causing you to replace the whole 3 fucking grand computer is better than windows crashing?

  8. qwertyuiop says:

    You sir have taken the words right out of my mouth

  9. shartfelch says:

    ^^^^^^ all you guys — the first time you fuck a non-inflatable woman, it’s seriously going to blow your fucking minds.

  10. AfterFart says:

    MAC.. for when you have no need to talk to the real world..

  11. Anonymous says:

    PLEASE get a fucking Mac. I’m begging you.

  12. ( o Y o ) says:

    I love retarded people who will spend 3 times what they have to on a computer because it is “superior” to a computer with a different label on it that was constructed by the same underpaid, malnourished, Asian 12 year old with a soldering gun.

  13. MacGuru says:

    I love retarded PC people who think PCs are superior to Macs and get so bent out of shape when someone talks ill of their gaming machine. I especially love the jackass who would actually buy one if in fact they made more games for them. Macs are for people who do everything other than use the computer for games, like work for a living instead of reading crap like this in their mothers basement 20 hours a day.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I used macs and hated PC’s from 1984. I owned a 128k, 512k Enhanced, IIx, Quadra 800, 840av, Powermac 8600 and a G4. You figure about $2,500 each averaged out. That’s $17,500 in hardware alone that I have blown. Enter OS-X. They released it before they had hardware that could really run it efficiently. I’ll be damned if I was going to shell out another $2,500 on an un-upgradable machine just so the little spinning rainbow wouldn’t sit there for 30 seconds every time I right clicked. With PC’s, a couple of hundred bucks gets you a new processor and can extend the life expectancy of your system a few more years. Every time there’s a development in the Mac, it’s off to the landfill. I don’t see what the big Woop is. Software is the only thing that really separates the two now. Remember, the big difference back in the day was that the Mac OS was built for a specific processor and didn’t run on top of another application (like Windows use to run on top of DOS). Now your precious Macs run on top of Unix and Windows has leaned out a bit! If you’re just being esoteric and want to brag about spending $3+K on your computer, fine, but if I can help it, Apple isn’t getting another dime out of me.

  15. Mr. Sanctimony says:

    Trust me, no one bothered to read your whole wall of lame.

  16. mac fag says:

    and of course you have the mac fanboy correct the picture. it’s a joke you douche bag. fucking fanboys

  17. Anonymous says:

    or, you know… just install windows. Cause everyone knows even windows runs better on a mac than any retail PC out there.

  18. Phil Lacio says:

    I’m getting a Mac if they start making games that run on Mac.

  19. KRAYZEEBISH says:

    The only problem I have with my iMac is that the camera takes pictures that make me look white as a ghost and even after i try to modify the pic it is still just as light. You would think for $2000 you could get a decent web cam out of the deal. Other than that, I just run FireFox and have had no problems at all.

  20. Gersch says:

    I <3 Shartfelch.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Fuck yea!
    I especially love elitist fuckrags who brag about their precious lil MAC, thumb their noses at PC people, and say ‘Because we have real work to do’. The largest vendor for business and corporate hardware is Dell – dumb ass.

    PC people don’t give two shits about MAC. Its the MAC fucktards that have to build themsevles up by saying PC people are easily prodded.

    And yea – why pay twice as much for some (formerly) proprietary hardware piece of shit where the O/S DOES CRASH – maybe not as much – but most advanced PC users know how to tweak their shitbox Windows so it does crash – by uninstalling Windows and putting on Unix – stick that in your MAC ass fanboy!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Think you meant Linux ;)

    MAC sux and so does Windows – Microsoft is evil and Apple are a bunch of pirate wimps too!

  23. Lothis says:

    no, you aren’t correct as I said everything the imac is, is in that screen. which is why I said that if the screen breaks you would more than likely have to replace the whole goddamned thing. but I can understand how you would be confused with all that retard radiation you enjoy absorbing into your skin and brain I would be surprised if you didn’t have a massive tumor pressing on your brain =D