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Marie Blanchard Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Marie Blanchard is a Haitian model who’s done a number of pageants and modeling contests.  She speaks French and Creole, and somehow is able to make Creole sound really hot.  All she needs is a few Voodoo classes and she’s set to be every hot villain side kick.
Pointless Quote: "No I am not turning into a body building model, just sculpting my abs, gluts, hamstrings and calves"


25 Responses to "Marie Blanchard Pictures"

  1. TacoTaco1 says:

    I think its very sad that people are still very much racist and/or prejudice against other racist. This girl is Miss Howard tv of June 2009 (a mostly white followed program)and was name the hottest black woman to ever appear on the station. She was in Playboy 2 years ago. At least not all of the country is filled with dumb asses like yourselves talking trash on any1 who is different.

  2. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:

    Dwight, when will you finally learn to differentiate YOUR from YOU’RE? Seriously, it’s not that fucking hard!!

    Also you might want to remember to refrain from using such lines as “we all know” in order to back up your credibility. I guess your own subconscious betrays you, given all the identities you use so you feel compelled to back yourself up with a hypothetical majority existing only in your preposterous mind.

    Also, stop trying to guess where I’m from, you stupid stalking faggot.

    I’m not Mexican, I’m not British, I’m not Australian and I’m not a Spaniard either.


  3. Marie Fan says:

    Marie is the hottest chick ever. If you want to see more of her, she has an official site and a fan site. The official has lots of pics in a pay area. The fansite has tons of pics. Most of the pics of Marie here are linked from the fansite.


  4. j peazey says:

    i just threw up in my own mouth

  5. DonkeyXote says:

    Nice body, shame about the face though.

    Also, did she run out of lipstick or something, ’cause it only covers half of them big ass lips!

  6. Yahweh says:

    Nice try, but we all know your just a little Spaniard faggot!

  7. A nony mouse says:

    My dead daddy was a grand wizard and he would disown me for wanting to touch that butt.My dad was an idiot.

  8. Libertarian Nutjob says:

    Your dad is Senator Robert Byrd (D)-WV?

  9. Alektra Blue's Training Partner says:

    HT pay attention…. we don’t like black chicks. I promise, this is not a trick.

    Also, first.

  10. pratik says:

    What PO said.

  11. PO says:

    We do. You can go f**k yourself.

  12. muff says:

    add me

  13. I hate that alektra bitch says:

    I love that black chick. I need some naked pictures of her

  14. k2 incense says:

    Wow! Smoking!

  15. Retard says:

    She’s hot because of her whiteness.

  16. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    PO +1

  17. Bobby Lee says:

    I’d like to sculpt my man gravy into her vaginal walls, if ya know what I mean.

    Actually, who am I kidding? Nobody here likes the brown tang.

  18. classic says:

    gross plus needs new tit job

  19. I love my pene says:

    Alektra Blue’s Training Partner +1

  20. The pony says:

    Black chicks are fine ande tasty.
    All you stupid racist turds need to get a life because she is way out of your white hooded league.
    Keep the chocolate bunnies coming HT!

  21. P.P. Douglas says:

    One thing I can’t stand are models who can be called “beautiful” when they don’t even show their feet. I guess her upper torso is nice but that’s all I can speak for.

  22. Hung Foo says:

    Wow, now that is one hot Haitian! I’d hit that!


  23. ImAGirl says:

    It really does suck to see that people still see black women in a negative way, she’s really pretty but some people can’t see beyond the fact that she’s black.

  24. mariyaricci says:

    what a sexy & hot figure.
    Such I really like it.


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