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Marion Cotillard Did A Nude Scene

Marion Cotillard, the girl who won the Oscar for her portrayal of that person you’ve never heard of in that movie you didn’t see, apparently did a nude scene in a 2001 movie you also didn’t see. To stop all this “not seeing” that’s going on, click on the image or watch it here. Also, this performance may sway your vote in our “Who Would You Rather Do” poll on the right. Cast your votes accordingly.

6 Responses to "Marion Cotillard Did A Nude Scene"

  1. God bless HolyTaco, the Interweb, film and this really hot French chick.

  2. DaCoach says:

    Great find! Give Fox a call and see if they can include Ellen Page’s conception scene in the Juno bonus disc.

  3. BennyLava says:

    I bet her Who You Rather Do numbers go up now

  4. quarrygirl says:

    boo holytaco, i think your “who would you rather do” is TOTALLY FAKE. after that jennifer aniston upset, i feared something was amiss. juno’s lead has confirmed my suspicions! shame on you, HT! FAAAAAAAKE.

  5. hooligan says:

    For the life of me I can’t find an explanation why Page is winning. Maybe all the pervs on here who love little girls. Now back to porn….

  6. Clit Wizard says:

    nothings wrong with a girl thats built like a 9 year old boy. that shit is hot. long live ELLENE PAGE