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Marissa Miller

Where You’ve Seen Her: We all know Marissa Miller is one of the hottest models out there, and Tuesday night she was prancing around in her Victoria’s Secret Runway show in 3 million dollar encrusted diamond lingerie seen above.  Despite how unfathomably evil it is to own/wear something like that when there are starving children all over the world, you still can’t help but endlessly stare.
Pointless Quote: "Modeling Can Be Dangerous At Times."


9 Responses to "Marissa Miller"

  1. BillyBlaze says:

    Yes please explain because my ass is not for eating

  2. DaveLovesBacon says:

    Sorry…I meant HER ass…not yours…though I am sure yours is nice too.

  3. faehiir says:

    …uh u can’t actually see her ass in da pics…just dat really hot taned body and..uh, whatever.

  4. BillyBlaze says:

    There goes my productivity for the rest of the day

  5. DaveLovesBacon says:

    I want to eat that ass..

  6. Beau Beau says:

    Why would you want to eat BillyBlaze’s ass?

  7. pratik says:

    Even if they didn’t waste $3M on that lingerie, I highly doubt the poor kids of the world would see a dime of that money.

  8. jimyt says:

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  9. Nick says:

    Shes waaaaay too skinny in the top pic