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Marla Maples Airs Out Her Crotch

This is Marla Maples doing a handstand at the beach. Anytime i see someone doing a cartwheel, I like to play “I’m Walking On Sunshine,” and then imagine they’re in an 80s movie and they’ve either just had sex with someone who they’ve been trying to have sex with for a while, or they just won a whole bunch of money which makes them incredibly happy, but later will prove to be a curse, teaching them that life is about more than money. In this situation, I think Marla Maples is doing a cartwheel because no one gives two shits about who Marla Maples is, so since there’s paparazzi around, her brain went into “third grade kid who has parents that don’t pay attention to him so he eats a booger in front of class to get attention” mode.

Of course, the only reason I got that impression was because I didn’t look at the next picture. Which clearly shows that Marla is NOT trying to get attention, but instead has teamed up with a monkey to sexily fight crime.

You never see that monkey coming, and that’s why they’re effective.

7 Responses to "Marla Maples Airs Out Her Crotch"

  1. Mike says:

    That Hulk Hogan head would have been so much funnier..

  2. Anil Dikshit says:

    Who is Marla Maples?

  3. justin says:

    Mike, I think you’re right. I got caught up in a monkey with a gun. I do love that Hulk Hogan head.

  4. matt pilot says:

    the olllllldd monkey in the vagina trick. ive seen this one a few to many times.

  5. brice says:

    another great photoshop!

  6. Mike says:

    LOL its still freakin’ hilarious.

  7. Grobianus says:

    Monkey business, eh?