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Mary Kate Olsen Dates The Encino Man

Mary Kate Olsen has moved on after the death of Heath Ledger. That thing on the right is apparently what she moved on to. starmagazine.com reports:

While in Paris for Fashion Week, Mary Kate Olsen flirted with Lapo Elkann, the heir to the $7.3 billion Fiat auto dynasty, who overdosed on cocaine and heroin at the home of a transsexual in 2005.

Whoa, that is shocking. To think, the people who brought us the Fiat are worth 7.3 billion dollars. I think dating this guy is a good move for Mary Kate for two reasons a)He looks kinda like Brendan Fraser in Encino Man, which is a highly underrated movie, and b)he’s an international party boy. Who doesn’t love international party boys? Just the exposure to the constant techno music makes things way more exciting. I mean, check out this scene with Mary kate from Full House.

Techno Full House – Watch more free videos

3 Responses to "Mary Kate Olsen Dates The Encino Man"

  1. Francis says:

    I love a guy hat will walk around with his shirt unbuttoned to his navel

  2. quarrygirl says:

    that video was creepy!

  3. NUDE_FRYDAYS says:

    Agreed. Also her lips are creepy!