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Maybe We Should Rethink Our Sex Education Policies

Yeah, and one time I didn’t pee for 24 hours and my penis hole totally closed up. Had to have surgery and everything. It was terrible.

15 Responses to "Maybe We Should Rethink Our Sex Education Policies"

  1. kristenn says:

    SO theres this fxcked up looking little person with the weirdest sickest looking face on my screen for your write a caption thing and im just wondering what the fxck it is and why i almost peed my pants when i saw it?

  2. S.C.B says:

    haha that is soo effing hilarious
    seriously if you thought it was gonna “heal” shut don’t ya think it would have happened a while ago…..
    uhh we do seriously need some better sex ed obviously

  3. Danyell says:

    wow. this is so sad how stupid children can be. and if the school isnt teaching sex ed, then shouldnt your parents tell you?
    and pushing abstinence doesnt help either, that just teaches children to be abstinent, which we all know most teenagers dont give a shit about, so they SHOULD be taught how sex and how to be safe.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Op was a troll.

  5. Chad says:

    Good one.
    She must be White.
    and Blonde.

  6. rokettube says:


  7. Pratik says:

    Words fail me.

  8. Dom says:

    Zed’s response is perfect.

  9. ROFL!!!! Some people just shouldn’t breath.

  10. Warfarinb says:

    I like how they said “heal up.” Like it’s an open wound or something.

  11. craig t nelson says:

    phew glad to stumble across this. i always thought this was true. glad to clear this mess up.

  12. Goya says:

    You know this was some horny ass middle-school dude telling his girlfriend “But baby, if you don’t use by the time you’re 15 then it closes up and you can never use it again.”

  13. Itsme says:

    Use it or lose it…

  14. Amomymos says:

    haha, nice, maybe she needs to talk more because her mouth might close too if she didn’t use it.

    -don’t inform her, abstinence only education

  15. Jafz says:

    Is she still the guy’s wife if it happened to her?