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McDonald’s Commercials You’ve Probably Never Seen

The McDonald’s items you’re used to aren’t universal you xenophobe. There’s other countries out there, and they all have McDonald’s. The only difference is, their McDonald’s sells some seriously weird stuff, and sometimes they even make commercials for that stuff…

McDonald’s Gold N’ Grill

What? It’s a pineapple on a burger?! What is this, Australia?… Sure is.


This is actually American. They actually tried to make this and sell it to consumers while Pizza Hut already existed.


Only in the Philippines! *shrugs*

McLobster Canadian Sandwich

It’s the last place anyone should ever consider buying lobster, but that’s the sort of thing you do in Canada.

McSpicy Paneer

Check out this Indian commercial that’s spicy hot with stereotypes!

McShaker Fries

You do the work.

Greek Mac

Like a gyro, but not as good.

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