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Mel Gibson Calls Interviewer An A-Hole

Wait for it…wait for it…
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11 Responses to "Mel Gibson Calls Interviewer An A-Hole"

  1. uh oh says:

    Look at him!

    If he isnt a raging coke head/alchoholic then i will swallow my own tongue.

    Why is it those who preach religion are those with the most problems and issues?

    Im not sure who i would rather use my last bullet on. Him or Tom Cruise/John Travolta/Will Smith/All scientologists(delete where appropriate)


    Ps I like turtles

  2. Jewish guy says:

    fuck you jew haters, mel gibson sucks cocks, he is an evil jew hater

    we jews rock, and we make better movies than mel gibson

  3. clubf00t says:

    that’s true, only because the Jews control Hollywood

  4. Vox Clamantis says:

    Or maybe they just make better movies.

    And perhaps you’re jealous of that.

  5. Interviewer says:

    Did he just call me dude?

  6. dayms says:

    Ha. Der Fuhrer’s still got it!

  7. Lord of the Starbucks says:

    Mel had an Irish Coffee with a splash of douchebag-cream…
    Trust me I know ;)

  8. invisible donkey says:

    of course you know, you seem like a big bag of douche yourself

    *high five to Mel*

  9. Captain Ass Crusher says:

    Rock On MEL! Reporter is the douche…

    I think all people suck equally so saying Jews rock or Christian’s rocks or any “Insert Your Religion Here Rocks” just shows what category you fit in… Religious Douche

    Peace & Douchebaggery

    Oh and Cookies rule…

  10. wishing philosopher was back says:

    Fuck yeah! That reporter was a douche-fag! Four years ago? That’s ancient fucking history in celebrity time; no one fucking cares anymore!

    captcha: deletion Vienna
    seems strangely apropos

  11. Sugartits says:

    At least he didn’t call him Sugartits.