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Melissa Acosta Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Melissa Acosta is one of the thousands of ungodly hot models out there doing the rounds to hit the big time.  She’s also Dominican, and Dominican women are pretty much as hot as it gets, so if anything she’s got that to fall back on.
Pointless Quote: "I don’t do nudes or fetishes."


14 Responses to "Melissa Acosta Pictures"

  1. LuvLy says:

    She’s gorgeous, and that last thumbnail is not her. I happen to know her personally and I definitely admire her self respect which sadly a lot of other girls trying to get noticed fail to hold true to.

  2. SirMixNoMore says:


  3. SirMixNoMore says:

    She’s hot enough to fuck and that is all i meant…fags.

  4. Anonymos says:


  5. philosopher a.k.a. DonkeyXote, a.k.a Stink, says:

    I agree, Nic Cage is way hotter!

  6. Anonymos says:

    good one sirnodick. there is much hotter out there

  7. Cowboy says:


  8. Cowboy says:


  9. Phil Jones says:

    Hello! I would do her, then let her do me afterwards. In my butt.

  10. fap fap lulz says:

    “don’t do nudes or fetishes” whatever you fucking slut. i have a stocking fetish and there you are… in stockings… fail

  11. pratik says:

    2nd thumbnail is my favorite.

  12. This girl is hot says:

    I had a dominican girlfriend once almost as hot as her!

  13. Jo Densen says:

    Hmm, not the hottest one you have posted.


  14. Ally says:

    I’d like to acost her